Friday, December 13, 2019

person of interest of the year

of course soon-to-be-impeached-president donald trump deserves to be awarded time magazine's coveted "person of the year" cover!


the editors at time dared think better and gave its feature to 16-year-old swedish climate activist greta thunberg:

never to be outdone by any female anywhere, particularly a minor, trump took back what belongs only to him (via twitter, of course) in the only manner befitting the leader of the free world:

[time magazine] is asking that a framed cover image of trump be taken down from the walls of several golf clubs.

that's because the cover hanging in several trump organization clubs is a phony, a time spokesperson confirmed to nbc news.

washington post reporter david fahrenthold, who broke the story, said he had tallied seven locations where the cover was spotted as of wednesday morning, and was continuing to look for additional sightings.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

thumbody meth up

focus groups indicated interest in a more targeted campaign:

names were floated for possible celebrity endorsements:

Monday, November 18, 2019

reliving doonesbury's watergate

only the names have changed ...

original 1973 artwork © g.b. trudeau:

Saturday, November 02, 2019

make us a god who will go before us

conservative faith leaders visiting the white house lay their hands on trump to pray for him.

i told them, ‘whoever has any gold jewelry, take it off.’ then they gave me the gold, and i threw it into the fire, and out came this calf! [exodus 32:24]

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

my perfect call

republican senators fear president trump and their party are losing the public opinion fight over impeachment.

many in the gop think house democrats are playing politics with impeachment and that trump’s actions don’t merit impeachment. they also think the media is biased against the white house and the president.

all the same, they think they’re losing the public battle and that trump’s lack of discipline is hurting them.

“does he need to be so unhinged? he says the dumbest things,” said one republican senator who vented frustration with the president’s outbursts on twitter and in front of the white house press corps.

“yeah, there needs to be a coordinated response to everything. there needs to be a coordinated effort to just shut up,” the senator said.

(inspired by real twitter account president supervillain, who puts real trumpSpeak into real comics. art by bob kane, lew schwartz & charles paris, from batman #67)

from a powerful woman

a tense phone conversation between a reporter for the washington examiner and white house senior counselor kellyanne conway was published by the newspaper on thursday.

in the conversation, conway objected that a story written by the reporter, caitlin yilek, mentioned that her husband george conway is a fierce critic of president trump on twitter.

... after the reporter said she would be happy to allow conway to talk to her editor, conway replied: “let me tell you something, from a powerful woman. don’t pull the crap where you’re trying to undercut another woman based on who she’s married to.

"he gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed," conway said. "not the other way around.

... “you don’t have to rely upon the men in your life and pretend somehow by way of reporting that i rely on the men in my life, which clearly isn’t the case," conway shot back.

(inspired by real twitter account president supervillain, who puts real trumpSpeak into real comics. art by tony s. daniel, sandu florea & norm rapmund, from batman #696)

and then we fell in love

at a rally in west virginia last saturday, president trump told the crowd about feelings he has developed for kim jong un. remember when the president mocked north korea's supreme leader as "little rocket man," and kim ridiculed trump as a "mentally deranged u.s. dotard"?

something else was going on.

trump said, "i was really being tough. and so was he. and we'd go back and forth. and then we fell in love. ok? no, really. he wrote me beautiful letters. and they're great letters. we fell in love. but you know what? now, they'll say 'donald trump said they fell in love, how horrible. how horrible is that? so un-presidential.'"

at least unprecedented.

(inspired by real twitter account president supervillain, who puts real trumpSpeak into real comics. art by jim starlin & dan green, from captain marvel #28)

Saturday, February 02, 2019