Sunday, November 27, 2011

enemy of the taitz

this assistant sec of state, attorney general, sec of state and 5 appointee puppets on the committee are nothing but lying traitorous scum, which will be standing trial for fraud, forgery and treason. as a reminder, penalty for treason — is life in prison or death penalty. that what all of them deserve together with obama, pelosi, onaka, fuddy and a few corrupt judges.

birther "queen" orly taitz
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birtherism died, along with donald trump's always-dubious presidential ambitions, a very public death on the last week of april 2011, when a visibly-irritated president obama made public his "long-form" birth certificate, quelling pesky doubts about his right to hold office. birtherism's coffin was sealed days later with obama's announcement of the dramatic death of osama bin laden, firmly establishing without further question who indeed was wearing the pants in washington.

so if birtherism is dead, why are we talking about it? well, i'm glad you asked ...

on friday november 18, the new hampshire ballot law commission entertained a challenge to obama's inclusion on its primary ballot from none other than moldovan energizer birther "queen" orly taitz. given that birthers have never won anything but ridicule in their three years of tireless and tiresome attempts to unseat the kenyan usurper, the commission's ruling against the worst lawyer on the face of the planet was of course a foregone conclusion — as was, to those who've been keeping score, the birther reaction, captured in rare public display:

"traitors!" shouted one woman. "spineless traitors!"

"saying a treasonous liar can go on our ballot?" yelled state rep. harry accornero, a republican from laconia. "you're going to have to face the citizens of laconia. you better wear a mask."

... [the commission's] response to the testimony during the hearing angered many of those in the room, including state representatives.

"unbelievable," fumed state rep. susan delemus, a republican from rochester, walking around the room during a break in the hearing, before the commission took its vote.

"let's just bury the constitution now and have a funeral," delemus said. "it just makes me want to throw up."

the situation was "getting ugly," mavrogeorge said, so he suggested to his client, assistant secretary of state karen ladd, that they walk to the state house to prepare for the subsequent hearings. but mavrogeorge said they were stopped in the hallway by delemus and rep. harry accornero of laconia, who promised to follow them across the street because accornero said they were "demanding answers to why this liar was being allowed on the ballot."

"at this point i knew there was no way that we were going to be able to leave the legislative office building without having an angry mob following us to the state house," mavrogeorge wrote.

looking to his left, mavrogeorge said rep. al baldasaro of londonderry was silently "staring at me with an angry look on his face."

"i did not know what these people were capable of in the state of mind that they were in at the time," mavrogeorge said.

mavrogeorge recalled ducking into a nearby room with ladd and calling delaney's office and state house security for help. members of the crowd yelled and banged on the door, he said."

... "they showed a complete lack of respect for me as an assistant attorney general and as a human being," he wrote. "yesterday was the first time in my professional career that i felt that my safety was in danger."

colin manning, spokesman for gov. john lynch, said the "disgraceful" conduct at the hearing deserves investigation.

"a line has been crossed in terms of civility and decorum that cannot be tolerated," he said."

... rep. al baldasaro, an o'brien leadership team member, is visibly amused and comfortable with the proceedings documented in the video, and in fact goes on to highlight how he and other birthers can work with the speaker to pass legislation barring president obama from the ballot.

birthers behaving badly after losing badly ... again. so what? birtherism is still dead. who cares? well, i'm glad you asked ...

after the 2010 midterm "tea party revolution" a soon-to-be-discovered number of sore losers and obsessed crackpots gained elective office across the country and they are committed to preventing the marxist muslim imposter from stealing another term in their white house. new hampshire was only the first salvo:

the OBAMA STATE BALLOT CHALLENGE 2012 is what is going to stop obama from taking office again in 2012. obama’s name on the ballot will be legally challenged in every state. the evidence of a forged birth certificate on and the evidence that he is using a connecticut social security number that does not belong to him, will be submitted in each court. ... this is where you come in. we need people to contact their states secretary of state and find what the rules are for challenging a candidate ...

so get ready for a bit of loud, pointless, protracted and divisive mischief coming soon to a state legislature near you, inspired by orly taitz, tireless defender of the freedom to persecute anyone and everyone that gets in her way: (malware warning)

i am in process of writing to the speaker of the house of representatives of NH as well as the supreme court of NH, seeking emergency hearings. house of representatives can recall the sec of state who is committing elections fraud and treason. supreme court can stay the designation on the ballot. we have to fight for every inch of the terrain. we can’t let thugs rule. keep in mind, you are fighting not just for yourselves, but also for your children and granchildren against this criminal enterprise, that took over this nation. sooner or later we will try for elections fraud, forgery and treason all of the involved individuals, all of the corrupt officials and all of the corrupt judges, who are involved.

will you be the next enemy of the taitz?

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