Saturday, November 15, 2008

google bias

from the eagle-eyed folks at hardcore right wing blog free republic:

i would never trust google. i had tried putting in "hostility towards geroge bush" and it brings back articles on the summary page like
  1. bush shows 'pattern of hostility' toward civil rights
  2. the failed presidency of george w. bush: a dismal legacy
  3. protests show rising hostility toward u.s. policies
and on and on. last time i tried it, the first page results over 1/2 of them were stories about hostility towards obama — go figure. the google algorithm has been jiggled to make sure no list of all 8 years of hostility towards george bush ever shows up. they turn it around an show the articles that have hostility that bush has shown. try it. i also switched it around to "george bush, hostility towards", with similar results.


  1. Idjit. He thinks google is a person.

  2. idjit also thinks:

    1) "protests show rising hostility toward u.s. policies" is not consistent with what he's looking for, if you equate bush with his policies, and

    2) "hostility towards george bush" and "george bush hostility towards" should return different search results, as if "1 + 2" and "2 + 1" shouldn't both equal 3.