Tuesday, December 01, 2009

southern man

with four dead cops and one dead mental patient to add to the blowback from his clemencies, mike huckabee's going to be lucky if he thinks he'll be able to hang onto his fox gig, much less his dreams of the presidency:

mike huckabee said [sunday] it's "less likely than more likely" that he'll run for president in 2012.

recent polling has shown him to be the most popular candidate among iowa republicans, but huckabee told chris wallace on fox new sunday today that polling isn't the only factor.

... huckabee said he's enjoying his current gig as a fox news host, and wants to see what the political climate is like heading into 2012.

"a lot of it depends on how the elections turn out next year and whether roger ailes continues to like my show on the weekends," huckabee said.

"and if all those things factor in, you know, it's less likely than more likely, just because i would have to see that the republicans would be willing to unite behind me."

i imagine that law enforcement and victims' rights interest groups would dog his campaign trail the same way firefighters dogged rudy giuliani during his ill-starred run. no one will have huck's back on this.

minnesota gov. tim pawlenty became the first likely GOP presidential candidate to criticize mike huckabee's pardon of a suspected killer during his time as arkansas's governor.

pawlenty said that he would not have granted clemency to maurice clemmons, who was suspected of fatally shooting four police officers in washington state on sunday before being shot and killed by police in seattle tuesday morning.

it looks like the party that's got nothing going for it but the south may be unable to field a native son for 2012. incredible as it seems, the available pool of southern white christian men for a spot on anyone's 2012 ticket is drying up like spent chaw. has that ever happened since the united states expanded into the southern territories?

southern white christian heads will explode.

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