Saturday, January 17, 2009

certifigate: freepers place their bets

with the impending coronation of not-my-president-elect barry "the usurper" hussein obama-soetoro now only days away, excitement that's been building since the election is finally coming to an effervescent head at our favorite right-wing blog. ever confident, the natural-born™ citizens of free republic are in an upbeat mood; the waiting is almost over.

in the longest thread yet seen (now clocking in at 1,640+ comments), freepers are gaming out every possible scenario — and more than a few impossible ones — for the last-minute rescue of life-as-they-know-it. now's the time, if ever, for all patriots who still love the constitution to double down and put their freepin' money where their first amendment-protected mouth is:

if something happens this week are you will to give a large contribution to free republics?

ah, a wager? i might be up for that, if you could be a little more specific. what exactly are you expecting to happen?

physical proof that obama is not qualified, was not born in the USA. you work out the amount with jim rob.

("jim rob" = jim robinson, founder & owner of free republic.)

ok, if physical proof is uncovered or announced this week which leads to obama's being declared unqualified for the presidency because he is not a natural born citizen then i will make a contribution to FreeRepublic in an amount to be agreed upon with you and jim robinson. i'll even set the week being from today, tuesday january 13th through noon, tuesday january 20th when obama is sworn in. to be clear, the proof only has to be announced or uncovered this week. if based on it obama isn't removed until sometime in the future then you still win.

and what do you do if it doesn't happen?


then we have an agreement.

and jim robinson has some cash — since, as we all know, the house always wins. ka-ching! viva las vegas!

while you’re in a betting mood, how about contacting FR-little jeremiah, keeper of the BC troll list, and approaching the obots with a ‘pay to play’ offer of sorts?

("BC" = birth certificate = the macguffin)

("obots" = obama-robots = certifigate doubters = saner folk.)

how about you two? you want to play hoo-mama’s pay to play?

how much are you willing to pay FR if they find proof that BO is not qualified?...

see above arrangement with NON for details.

not a problem. the only acceptable proof that bambi wasn’t born in the US would have to be proof that he was born in another country. if that shows up we’ll all have a party.

i’m in but i have six kids with a seventh on the way, so i need a stop-loss feature at $250. i say nothing will happen because there is no statute, case law, or constitutional mechanism to compel production, AND, given that that is so, the USSC won’t make new law.

if any court in the u.s., between now and obama's inauguration, holds that obama is not a natural born citizen, or orders him to produce proof of his citizenship, i will contribute $1,000.00 to FR. will you contribute the same amount if obama is sworn in by chief justice roberts on schedule?

now we're talkin'!!!

"physical proof"

too much weasel room on that one. that’s one reason why i like intrade. they arbitrate on the actual meaning and payout of the contract, and if someone wants to weasel out, they can’t.

("physical proof" = we're getting a little queasy = this ain't what we're used to dealing with here in freeperville.)

so what’s the intrade line on obama not being a natural born u.s. citizen?

no contracts posted yet.

none yet? you'd think there'd be plenty easy money to be made betting on such a sure thing ...

intermission time folks, go refill the popcorn and grab some fresh drinks.

good advice:

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