Monday, January 04, 2010

you just might be a birther if ...'re just now realizing bill o'reilly, ann coulter and glenn beck are idiots. think a clever alias for a stealth muslim is "barack hussein obama". prefer online grand juries 'cause it gets kinda stuffy under your white hood.
...your boycott of hawaii doesn’t interrupt any of your plans.'re sure all birth certificates are printed in australia. think the "white house" means exactly that.
...the deli counter guy asks "american or swiss?" and you say "vattel!"
...hawaii's health dept has your phone number on call-blocking.'re "damn shure" you're a natural born citizen — 'cuz both your parents are brother n' sister!
...your lawyer takes payment in fillings.
...your team's down 0-60 and you're still betting. think "usurper" is a quaint southern euphemism.
...susan herbert can count on your vote in 2012. pray nightly for the usurper's downfall — to the same god that ignored you on election day. think "dismissed without prejudice" means your case wasn't racist enough. think it's long past time we closed the border — with hawaii. learned a moving and historic lesson about democracy last year — from honduras. won't be satisfied 'til you see the death certificate. don't believe everything you read on the internet — just the really friggin' stupid stuff.

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