Thursday, March 21, 2013

stuff i don't believe in

  1. religion and the supernatural
    • gods and deities
    • angels, demons and the semi-devine
    • heaven, hell and the afterlife
    • ghosts and poltergeists
    • souls, reincarnation and past lives
    • etc
  2. prophecy and fortune-telling
  3. witchcraft, magic and talismans
  4. monsters and weird creatures
    • vampires
    • zombies
    • werewolves
    • fairies and elves
    • big foot, yetis and sasquatch
    • etc
  5. pseudoscience and superstition
    • astrology
    • numerology
    • palmistry
    • dowsing
    • deepak chopra
    • etc
  6. the paranormal
    • psychic powers
    • clairvoyance
    • telepathy
    • telekenisis
    • astral projection
    • etc
  7. science fantasy
    • ufos and alien visitations
    • time travel
    • faster-than-light travel
    • etc
  8. conspiracy theory
    • too numerous to list

  9. etc

or in other words, just about anything left on the history channel.

while i enjoy speculation as well as anyone, ultimately i believe only in reason, the power of logic and the empirical method of acquiring facts and knowledge through the gathering and testing of evidence. if you come to me professing a belief in ghosts or ufos, don't expect me to take you seriously and do expect me to be skeptical of everything else you say.

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