Friday, March 21, 2008

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born-again democrat john cole @ balloon juice:

my iraq war retrospective

i see that andrew sullivan was asked to list what he got wrong about iraq for the five year anniversary of the invasion, and since i was as big a war booster as anyone, i thought i would list what i got wrong:


and i don’t say that to provide people with an easy way to beat up on me, but i do sort of have to face facts. i was wrong about everything.

i was wrong about the doctrine of pre-emptive warfare.

i was wrong about iraq possessing wmd.

i was wrong about scott ritter and the inspections.

i was wrong about the un involvement in weapons inspections.

i was wrong about the containment sanctions.

i was wrong about the broader impact of the war on the middle east.

i was wrong about this making us more safe.

i was wrong about the number of troops needed to stabilize iraq.

i was wrong when i stated this administration had a clear plan for the aftermath.

i was wrong about securing the ammunition dumps.

i was wrong about the ease of bringing democracy to the middle east.

i was wrong about dissolving the iraqi army.

i was wrong about the looting being unimportant.

i was wrong that bush/cheney were competent.

i was wrong that we would be greeted as liberators.

i was wrong to make fun of the anti-war protestors.

i was wrong not to trust the dirty smelly hippies.

i mean, i could go down the list and continue on, but you get the point. i was wrong about EVERY. GOD. DAMNED. THING. it is amazing i could tie my shoes in 2001-2004. if you took all the wrongness i generated, put it together and compacted it and processed it, there would be enough concentrated stupid to fuel three hundred years of weekly standard journals. i am not sure how i snapped out of it, but i think abu ghraib and the negative impact of the insurgency did sober me up a bit.

war should always be an absolute last resort, not just another option. i will never make the same mistakes again.

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