Wednesday, January 21, 2009

certifigate: out with a whimper

january 20, 2009: the din of righteous battle in the defense of our sacred constitution against the marxist muslim obama-bot hordes has given way, for the moment, to a rare and quiet call for reflection in the normally boisterous hills of our favorite wingnut blog free republic. let's listen in:

with the inauguration of zer0bama today, it signals the end of a phase in the narrative of the certifigate scandal and the beginning of a different phase. the purpose of this thread is to look back on the old phase and try to learn what we could have done better, where we could have been more effective, what we would have done different, what we learned moving forward.

... even though it's as plain as day to some of us familiar with the evidence, zer0bama has been deemed to be qualified once he's sworn in. from that point onward, there is no longer any constitutional language about the eligibility, he is assumed to be eligible. the only way to remove a sitting president is by impeachment.

... if the SCOTUS didn't have the courage to take on zer0bama when he was president elect and the constitutional language was very clear, they will have less courage when the constitutional language is absent or murky and the guy has the authority to park tanks in the SCOTUS parking lot as a hint. ...

y'know ... this "reflecting" business is starting to sound just a little depressing! can we have a freepathon instead?


media bias: this scandal showed the media bias to be more stark than they’ve ever been in the past. there was an almost perfect media blackout over this issue. it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just groupthink. how could we have overcome the groupthink? well, someone tried to buy ads in the MSM and they were refused. there’s a historical first. ... the thing to do is for wealthy constitutional conservatives to buy a few of these media outlets and start a conservative media. i don’t know anybody wealthy enough to do it. there would be an obvious aggregate wealth of conservatives getting together to buy outlets, but that is a cat herding project on a scope that is beyond what is foreseeable in the near future.

hey, freepers can dream, can't they? just imagine what they could do if they had their own media run by their own moguls ...

as another example of a form of media bias was what happened at intrade. i set up a thread to monitor this scandal and push for contracts. ... after all, what business is intrade in if not setting up contracts and taking money from gullible gadflies & such? but they never set up a single contract. does that mean they’re in on a conspiracy? no. it means they made a calculated expedient decision not to raise the ire of the likely next POTUS who will be in charge of the commission that oversees their activity. ...

yes, it's hard to believe, isn't it? the obamania's gotten so bad an absolute moran can't even throw his money away anymore ...

constitution: all of us learned more about the constitution in this certifigate episode. for instance, i didn’t know before this that the 20th amendment even addresses eligibility ...

... there are freeper lawyers who know more about the constitution, the appellate court processes, etc. ... all agreed this was a legitimate constitutional issue (it probably still IS). when the discussion proceeds to the minutiae of appellate procedures and minor points of legalese, i tend to lose track and probably so do a lot of other freepers. and, notably, those who claim to be lawyers don’t all agree on the significance of things (like cases getting forwarded for conference) or on how cases are processed in SCOTUS, what the chances of cert were, that kind of thing. it was confusing. how can we improve that situation? i don’t know, i toss it out there for freepers to consider and suggest solutions.

all that constitutional law stuff ... man, that's hard work ... i mean like really hard! does it really need to be so complicated that you can't just pick it up on a blog???

what else could/should we have done with the certifigate issue? what else did we learn from this go-round? i will kindly ask those who've been operating against us to refrain from the usual "give up the tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff" and gloating and contrariness. it amounts to dancing on the grave of the constitution; this is a constitutionalist website, so show some freeping respect. if you want to gloat or dance on the grave or whatever, start a thread and do it and ask us show you respect.

just a little respect for the dearly departed, please? that's all we ask, okay? 'cause today, we're all freepers, amirite?

let it go...sheesh.

let it go birthers.

poor baby, wants an echo chamber and all you got was this t shirt...(chuckle)

oh-kay ... so it looks like some folks aren't quite ready to make nice ...

eh, as far as i'm concerned it's over. i'll be watching tomorrow and monday to see if berg or orly's cases are accepted, but if they're not, i think the issue is effectively dead.

... you need to post it on your own blog. you put it up in a public forum, you get all kinds of viewpoints...thats what these forums are FOR, remember?

including from conservatives like myself, that understand this is no different than 'bush knew', and KNOW this will be cited in the mainstream media as another 'example of FR being a hate site/kook site'.

that you and those fixated on this ridiculous snipe hunt don't understand the damage you cause is the only thing surprising.

no 'gloating' here and no 'dancing on the grave'.

and finally, this doesn't warrant a thread from me. its that ridiculous.

you trolls just don't get it, do you? this is all about truth, justice and the american way!

what i learned is that the constitution means nothing as long as the people vote for an unqualified candidate, the electoral college ignores it, the congress ignores it, and the supreme court swears him in.

in other words, the constitution is just a piece of useless paper. i'll remember that. my new attitude towards everyone and everything is, "yeah? what are you going to do about it. screw you."

yeah, tear up the constitution already. it's so 18th century.

not letting go of this. troll.

thanks for showing your true colors. it's plain for all to see what you and others did to dismay constitutionalism on this constitutionalist website.

curse the day that i should have lived to see constitutionalism dismayed!

to me, there is nothing as important as truth. nothing. everything else is secondary or even further down the list. has truth been served in this election? i don't think so.

those who taunt, naysay and sling words like "troothers" and "birthers" and "kook" around seem to have little regard for truth. ... if such people think that people like you, me and others who want the truth are idiots and kooks, what does that say about their desire to have the truth?

anyone who says stuff like "move on" etc is not caring much about truth. and i'm all for trying to get real conservatives elected - heck, isn't that the goal? - but after four years of 0bama it's not going to be easier, it'll be harder.

as a sort of side point, it is clearly that the GOP leadership [sic] need to be cleaned out like the augean stables. spineless, power hungry, egocentric with who knows what kind of hidden dirty laundry - they don't represent me.

i think much prayer and deep contemplation is the next step.

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