Thursday, January 22, 2009

neutered by norah

much to the vicarious distress of perennially sexually-insecure freepers everywhere, msnbc news host norah o'donnell, while covering the senate vote of newly-confirmed secretary of state hillary clinton, went where few village slights have gone before — that is, across the aisle:

norah o'donnell: i want to play what senator cornyn said today about these concerns about hillary clinton, and her husband still able to take money into his foundation. let's listen:

john cornyn: i was encouraged by my conversation with senator clinton yesterday in the rotunda following the inaugural ceremonies. she said that she would be open to a requirement that is an across-the-board disclosure requirement, that isn't just her and the clinton foundation.

so they want more information; they want instant disclosure, essentially, not the disclosure at the end of the year. if this is a serious issue — which seems like a serious issue, why then two seconds later says "but i'm still going to vote for her"?

i mean, have they kind of lost their cojones, the republicans?

tucker carlson: [chuckling] oh ... ? kind of ... !

ooooooh ... that's gonna leave a mark.

Hillary - Nutcracker

if she was looking at tucker carlson at the time, I can understand why that thought came to mind.

proof that the media are slow learners.

once upon a time they did. newt and the contract with america gang had them. still a few with cajones but the rest like mccain and his gang are eunuchs.

the republican brand has been deteriorating ever since the senate republicans folded at the impeachment trial of wj clinton.

what's with the leftist female cajones fascination?

to leftist females its meant as a compliment, meaning a guy finally 'gets it'.

of course they immediately go on to ridicule the newly emasculated males lack of cajones.

technically she is wrong. they never had them to lose.

it's been quite evident for some time. where has this twit been?

the answer is yes, thou norah does have a great rack.

"lost" makes it sound like an accident....
offered them up for removal more like.

sigh ... not a good day to be a republican. and may there be many more like it.

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