Saturday, December 06, 2008

the supremes and the certificate

as some of you might know, the supreme court may have already decided whether to dismiss, remand to a lower court or move forward on a review of the latest legal challenge to barack obama's legitimacy as president-elect: the verification (or lack thereof) of his possession of a proper birth certificate.

in a nutshell, a number of sourpusses are demanding, despite the assurances of officials entrusted with the original document, to see this certificate, charging that until it is produced to their satisfaction, obama cannot be considered a "natural born citizen", meaning that we have an usurper in the white house. some of the more affluent proponents of the charge took out two full-page spreads in the chicago tribune this past week to make their case.

a report of some kind, but not necessarily any specific announcement by the high court itself, is expected by the end of monday. most likely, the case will become no more than just another application number in a long list of hundreds of cases regularly dismissed by the court. all that was determined friday was that this case was not one of only two that the court agreed to review.

so if you're like me, an unabashed voyeur of "freeper" angst, you've got your popcorn popped ...

... and are settling in for the first really great sporting weekend since the election. so i invite you to tune into the spectacle of hardcore rightwing heads swelling en masse to the bursting point, with all its attendant maudlin drama.

to the casual spectator freepers may sound the same — that is, absolutely nuts — but to the experienced freeperologist certain distinct themes emerge:

1) projection:

believe me, had mccain won, the left would have been this exact same challenge to him, and be mouthing the same conspiracy theories as well.

the only difference is that most on our side will accept that the supreme court’s action (or non-action) as legitimate, while their side never would.

i think if this had been a "right-winger" with the same problem, the non-"supremes" would have spoken loudly and liberally.

2) anger:

bread and circuses while the constitution is being SPIT on!

more accurately, being urinated upon or worse i’m afraid.

if this is not an invitation to anarchy i don't know what is. we peons have to follow all the rules, or else.

this kenyan; indonesian — whatever he is, can thumb his nose at the constitution and nobody gives a rat's.

geez, what does it take to do the honrable and good thing is country? none of like to do the hard things; but we do them.

3) despair:

... i do think that the republic could burn down around the supreme court, while they take their time taking care of all these things. by the time they do, and take action, the horse is out of the barn and down the road.

what good is it going to do once obama gets into office. he can’t be taken out of office with the democrats in control in congress.

i was hoping at least they would set some standard as to how a person would need to prove they are eligible to be president. after this, i guess it really won’t be an issue and anyone born anywhere can become president of the united states of america. what’s to stop them?

(god yes, what's to stop another kenyan, half-white, muslim, marxist, acorn-scamming, terrorist-palling, "community organizer" from winning another election!?! the horrors!)

4) paranoia:

saul alinsky tactics at work. divide and conquer, philosophically, a divided house falls in upon itself.

this scuffle with the bc is actually more alinsky than a typical election and proceeding as normal. if you know about saul alinksy, everything the democRATS do makes sense.

5) rationalization:

i have every confidence that the supreme court will act appropriately. but the case in front of them has to meet certain standards; if it does, they will grant cert. if it doesn’t, they might remand or take other action. they may even outline their reasoning (which is what i’m hoping for).

i don’t believe for a minute that they will shy away from any case that they know really must be heard and possibly decided by the SCOTUS. right now, it’s just a question of how they evaluate the case and what their initial read on the legal and factual issues is.

the odds are in favor of them finding (inventing) some esoteric or archane legal technicality to justify not hearing the case.

6) defiance:

if (as expected) the court tosses the suit, bredow will start challenging obama's legitimacy based on "foreign money that went into his campaign." other protestors said they'd start contacting members of the electoral college. steve brindle, who drove down from pennsylvania, said he'd called his senators yesterday.

if this case is denied and somehow obamafraud is actually sworn in i hope that ALL defense attorneys in this country are lined up filing suits on behave of their clients. saying all laws of the US are now null and void since the POTUS is a usurper. let’s have a free-for-all.

i hope some court somewhere in the US will actually subpoena his birth certificate. there must be some court/judge that actually takes his oath to uphold the constitution seriously.

given that just "15 to 20 people showed up" to friday's gathering of support for the case on the steps of the supreme court, i'm not gonna hold my breath on that "free-for-all".

7) boundless hope:

the beauty of leo’s case is that it potentially could be remanded to NJ for further briefing or even trial. this is because NJ seems to be one of the few states that actually imposed more than a ministerial duty upon its SOS to ensure eligible candidates are on the ballot.

since NJ had a statute imposing some duty on the SOS, and at least arguably the SOS did not fulfil that duty, it seems the SCOTUS could find some way to send it back and tell the NJ courts to define the scope of the duty imposed by the statute and find whether or not the SOS fulfilled it. somewhere in that process, the SOS might actually be required to verify Obama’s eligibility and that process could be amenable to review by the SCOTUS.

[emphases mine.]

the one thing i was looking forward to is perhaps a positive nod towards conferencing on the case would have forced the MSM to get more involved. we will wait until monday and pray ... prayer does work!!!!

prayer in fact does work ... just not for republicans.

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