Wednesday, February 04, 2009

specialists wanted

to date, just two filings in the ongoing effort to uncover the truth about barry "the usurper" hussein soetoro-obama have been actually discussed on the merits. all have been summarily dismissed. when a constitution-loving natural-born™ citizen cannot be heard against an all-but-proven illegal alien, then something is very very wrong with our legal system.

well, enough is enough! thanks to registered voter and vermont patriot cris ericson (bless her freeper heart!), today the system gets fixed and the remedy is so glaringly simple:

class action lawsuit against president barack h.obama for fraudulent concealment of facts

OTHER LAWSUITS HAVE FAILED, BUT THIS ONE WON'T! the worst part about the american judicial system is when judges dismiss claims based on lack of standing or lack of jurisdiction. claims that are not in the correct court or which do not have the correct cause of action, should be re-directed, not dismissed!

that's right — all we need is a system in which a breed of specialists, trained and practiced in unraveling the tangled skeins of the law and the courts, could ensure that every claim entering the system would be directed unerringly to its proper venue:

other lawsuits seeking barack hussein obama's original long form birth certificate were either filed in the wrong court or filed with the wrong cause of action; that didn't mean there was no valid claim.

there are divorce courts, and family courts and probate courts and tax courts and criminal courts and civil courts and county courts and state courts and federal courts; how is a person to know which court to go to? getting the right cause of action is just as tricky as getting the right court.

there needs to be a new system, file one claim in one court, then let court specialists sift it out to the right jurisdiction and for the right legal cause of action for standing. that would make a lot of new jobs, and save a lot of wasted money filing in the wrong jurisdiction for the wrong cause of action resulting in loss of standing.

what a wonderful idea! these "court specialists" could remove from plaintiffs' burdensome care the baffling responsibility of navigating our byzantine and broken court system, and could guarantee all ordinary plainspoken folks their constitutionally mandated day in court without having their grievances cruelly and contemptuously dismissed on a technicality or as an inconvenience to some self-important jurist!

imagine what it would be like if lay people could first consult one of these "court specialists" and be properly directed to the proper jurisdiction without going through the whole embarrassing rigmarole of dismissals and re-filings. these specialists would certainly relieve the entire court system, from the least of plaintiffs to the highest of judges, of a lot of wasted time and effort and money. it would be the kind of system that the founding fathers must have only dreamt of.

imagine what kind of everyday heroes these specialists would be, saving the little guy, the everyman, john and jane q. public, the nation entire, from the tedious chains holding down a system that no longer responds to the needs of the very people who empowered it! such heroes deserve a name, perhaps even a privileged place in our overtaxed system, given the invaluable service they could provide us.

why, we could name them ... "lawyers."

now if we could just find us one ... preferably for free:

ms. ericson is hoping to find an attorney licensed to practice law in federal courts to file a class action lawsuit, PRO BONO, on behalf of herself and other registered voters who want to know, and who need to know, and who allegedly have a legal right to know if the legal notice is based on material facts that would reveal that president barack hussein obama is not a natural born citizen, and may reveal that president barack hussein obama is a naturalized citizen. ms. cris ericson believes that the material facts that the legal notice represents may provide legal cause of action to allegedly prove continuing fraud in a fiduciary capacity against taxpayers and voters by president barack hussein obama, former vice president dick cheney, and each and every member of the united states congress.

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