Monday, August 31, 2009

quote of the day

sherry melby, moron:

i don't think evolution should be associated with our school.

bonus from mike howard, student:

the theory of evolution never even crossed my mind.

Friday, August 28, 2009

quote of the day

from self-described godless liberal evolutionary biologist and cephalopodiphile p.z. myers:

you can't use reason to talk someone out of a position they didn't use reason to arrive at ...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

birther vs. afterbirther

one more passing vignette in the ongoing struggle to stay ahead of the birthers ...

in this corner, art:

washington — in the continuing controversy surrounding the president's u.s. citizenship, a new fringe group informally known as "afterbirthers" demanded monday the authentication of barack obama's placenta from his time inside his mother's womb. "all we are asking is that the president produce a sample of his fetal membranes and vessels — preferably along with a photo of the crowning and delivery — and this will all be over," said former presidential candidate and afterbirthers spokesman alan keyes, later adding that his organization would be willing to settle for a half-liter of maternal cord plasma. "to this day, the american people have not seen a cervical mucus plug, let alone one that has been signed and notarized by a state-certified hawaiian health official. if the president was indeed born in the manner in which he claims, then where is his gestation sac?" keyes said that if obama did not soon produce at least a bloody bedsheet from his conception, afterbirthers would push forward with efforts to exhume the president's deceased mother and inspect the corpse's pelvic bone and birth canal.

and nipping at its heels, from the opposite corner, life:

and why are you still on the birth certificate?

it's moved past that.

i don't actually believe barry sr is barry jr's father. if you look at pix after pix of the two together there is not one facial feature in common between them. not one. and i am certain the forensic skull overlap will/has already proven that.

and barry left plenty of utensils and glasses to obtain his DNA from, which as you know, counselor, is perfectly legal if obtained in a public place – even for the POTUS.

what you may not know is DNA can be tested from folks of "african" descent and the location in africa from whence their ancestors arose — sometimes down to the exact tribe (i imagine even the luo) — can be determined.

they certainly have no trouble determining if the DNA is of east african or west african origin.

and the testing can be accomplished in complete anonymity without need of comparison from a relative.

what is more gold standard than a birth certificate?


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

certifigate: show us your long form

could it be at long last the kenyan usurper has finally met his perry mason moment?

read a copy of larry sinclair's book this afternoon. quick read. the list of character who attacked his character being names we see regularly and a few attached to axelrod.

the only other thing that hit me was that sinclair said BO was not circumcised. when my son was born in a hospital that was done as a matter of routine without even consulting us. would the same be for hawaii? OTOH people born at home or in some other cultures are not circumcised.

from: ...

worldwide prevalence: the u.s. is the only country in the world that routinely circumcises most of its male infants for non-religious reasons. over 80% of the world’s males are intact (*).

if indeed Bo is intact, as sinclair states, might this be another indication that he was born outside the us. (as young as he was in seattle, she may have also left medical care before the procedure was done....there is a few days waiting period after birth. varies with local medical staff.

and who is larry sinclair and how does he have such intimate knowledge of the usurper? if you were to guess an old high school gym locker room buddy ... i'm afraid you'd be wrong. so you'll just have to buy the man's book to find out:

the biggest untold story of the 2008 u.s. presidential election... finally, the no-holds-barred, 100% true story of barack obama's use and sale of cocaine; his homosexual affairs and the december 23, 2007 murder of barack obama's former lover and choir director of obama's chicago church of 20 years, donald young, just days before the 2008 iowa caucus. this searing candid story begins with barack obama meeting larry sinclair in november, 1999, and subsequently procuring and selling cocaine, and then engaging in consensual, homosexual sex with sinclair on november 6th and again on november 7, 1999 ...

and if you want a signed copy, you'll have to wait until visiting hours ...

still, these are verrrrrrry serious charges which raise verrrrrry serious questions. and we are after all facing a constitutional crisis of biblical proportions and the usurper is running out of time!

let's fast forward to the inevitable end, shall we?

(the scene: the hushed chamber of a united states district court ...)

perry mason: ... and isn't it true, dr. kenyatta, that male newborns in kenya — unlike every male newborn in hawaii — are never and have never been circumsized?

dr. kenyatta: it is true, yes.

perry mason: your honor, we have mr. sinclair's sworn eyewitness testimony as to the cut of the defendant's jib. we have dr. kenyatta's expert testimony. i therefore submit to the court that there is now but one and only one means of determining for once and for all whether this nation's existence as a constitutional republic continues for another two hundred years or whether it dies today after this court officially puts its rubber stamp on a new era of tyranny under our new kenyan overlord! barack hussein soetoro obama must show us his long form!

william gibbs: objection! the prosecutions demands are unheard of and highly prejudicial against my client!

judge: your client is the reason we're in this constitutional crisis of such biblical proportions. he can end this all right now. mr. usurper, please rise and show us your long form.

(with all the protracted deliberation of the condemned and wearing a sweaty grimace, the usurper stands and pulls out his long form. the courtroom, as one, gasps. and every newsreporter, to a person, scrambles out of the court, leaving all decorum to the tardy in a mad rush for the scoop of the century ... )

(hat tip to the always-heterosexual jesus' general.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

oldie but goodie

gone but not forgotten ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

overheard at the salem witch trials

... where something tells me the birthers would have felt right at home:

it's not the nature of the evidence but the seriousness of the charge.

Friday, August 14, 2009

birther question

from the strict constitutionalists at free republic:

how do you challenge the antichrist and his minions in a court of law?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

plus ça change

one of the more amusing aspects surrounding the change in tenancy at the oval office is the persistence of particular partisan boogeymen:

[rep. paul broun (r-ga)] also spoke of a "socialistic elite" — obama, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid — who might use a pandemic disease or natural disaster as an excuse to declare martial law.

"they're trying to develop an environment where they can take over," he said. "we've seen that historically."

the triple spectres of staged calamities, military coups and detention camps are alive and well as right-wing talking points, after being so effortlessly handed off to them, like a baton, from george bush's more breathless detractors on the left:

"the directive that was signed may 14/15 is the most troubling ... it is his way of having total power in the event of a natural or man made disaster ..."

"i scare myself just thinking that an administration could/would perpetrate a catastrophy on it's [sic] own people just to retain political power ..."

"even if this power is nothing new, what is new is a president so untrustworthy that i'll not be surprised if a false flag attack occurs next year in october, bush declares martial law, and he suspends the national election. i expect this supreme court would support him and gonzales (should he survive his term in the doj) would bring all the police power of the federal government to maintain bush."

"of course, a blatant "coup" by bush, turning the federal government into the bushchaneyrove junta has been slowly in the making for some time, or haven't you noticed? the directive 51 is just the vaseline to make slide in more easily when they decide to not just ignore, but do away with the congress ..."

"can homeland security remove you from your home, or place you in one of the haliburton camps? direct which corporations or other businesses get priority on the highways? on rail transit? will the internet be coopted, in the naqme [sic] of national security to keep us from commmunicating?" [sic]

"remember that halliburton contract a yr ago to build new u.s. detention camps"

"he is probably preparing to take over the country after the next presidential elections. he will have one of his goons call in an attack on us and then say 'look we just got attacked and i think i am the best person to take over, new president elect and the constitution be damned.'"

"george has nothing to look forward too once he leaves office, he's served his purpose and will be of no concern. but, if he can make sure that the us military is effectively stuck in iraq, and not able to offer any resistance, his private army made up of mercs from blackwater and dyncorp to name just two can establish martial law and he can keep remain the president for as long as he pleases."

it was after hurricane katrina that fema fearmongering became particularly virulent on the left, and i've spent some electrons batting down those demons both on this blog and on other venues (and believe me, bush's nonstop cocky belligerence didn't help).

yet nonetheless ... i don't quite remember any sitting democrats helping ramp up the fear and loathing. do you?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

lashed to the beast

to the last i grapple with thee ...

lashed to the beast

Sunday, August 09, 2009

any questions?

just in case there's anyone left who still thinks that producing obama's "long form" birth certificate will satisfy the birthers or that they'll eventually pick up their already thoroughly deflated ball and go home, well ...

i just want the jerk to present his birth certificate just like the rest of us chumps have to when the law calls for it as proof of status for employment. the fact he won’t show it is enough grounds for him to be cleared out - even if, afterwards, he’s show to be a full-fledged NBC [natural born citizen].

simply put, zer0 refuses to comply with the u.s. constitution, no matter his birth history.


i just wanna see it — just so's i kin spit on it!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

bad americans

former leading member of the christian evangelical movement frank schaeffer says enough is enough! and he's pointing fingers and naming names.

maddow: do you think that calling the president a "nazi" ... calling the president "hitler" ... is an implicit call for politically motivated violence?

schaeffer: yes i do. in fact this rings a big bell with me because my dad who is a right wing evangelical leader wrote a book called a christian manifesto ... and in that book he compared anybody who was pro-abortion to the nazi germans; and he said that using violence or force to overthrow nazi germany would have been appropriate for christians including the assassination of hitler. he compared the supreme court's actions on abortion to that. and that has been a note that has been following the right wing movement that my father and i helped start ...

so what's being said here is really two messages: there's the message to the predominatly white, middle-aged crowds of people screaming at these meetings trying to shut them down; but there's also a coded message to what i would call the "looney tunes" — the fruit loops on the side — that's really like playing russian roulette. you put a cartridge in the chamber and you spin and once in a while it goes off, and we saw that with dr. tiller, we've seen it happen numerous times in this country with the violence against political leaders whether it's martin luther king or whoever it might be. we have a history of being a well-armed violent country. and so, really, i think that these calls are incredibly irresponsible.

but the good news is is that it shows a desperation. the far right knows they've lost. they've lost the hearts and minds of most american people ... but they also know that they have a large group of people who are not well-informed, who listen to their own sources, who buy the lies ... and these people can be energized to go out and do really dreadful things and we've seen it in front of abortion clinics — i'm afraid we're going to see it with some of our political leaders. and the glenn becks of this world literally are responsible for unleashing what i regard as an anti-democratic, anti-american movement in this country that is trying to shut down legitimate debate and replace it with straight out intimidation.

... these are very bad signs and i'm not at all optimistic about how this is all going to end in terms of violence although i do think that obama is going to win the day in terms of most americans. the problem is we're not talking about most americans. we're talking about a small angry group of white people who — to, y'know, paraphrase bart simpson, "the election broke their brains." they're angry and they're ready to do just about anything to stop the process at this point because they'd rather see us all lose than admit defeat. that's where they're at.

... you have a group of people who, like rush limbaugh, would rather see the president and the country fail, and their coded message to their own lunatic fringe is very sinful, and that is "go for broke". when you start comparing a democratically elected president who is not only our first black president but a moderate progressive to adolf hitler, you have arrived at a point where you are literally leaving a loaded gun on the table, saying "first person who wants to use this, go ahead, be our guest."

now, all these people, when something bad happens, will raise their holy hands in horror and say "of course, we didn't mean that, we were just talking about being americans. it's american to protest ..." B.S.! they know exactly what's out there. there is a whole public there who went out and stocked up on ammunition and guns thinking obama would take away their weapons. one such person shot down three policemen in pittsburgh. i'd like to know exactly what glenn beck and fox news will say the morning after someone takes a shot at our president or kills a senator or congressman ... and if it's one of the people who we find a little note in their car or their literature or their television watching habits who's tied to these people who are stirring the pot, or tied to these foundations that people like dick armey are running, trying to use insurance company money to make look these fake grass roots movement, then we'll see what happens. but at that point we'll be in a new zone, and it'll be too late.

so my warning to my old friends on the right ... without the work of my father, c. everett koop and myself, there'd be no pro-life movement, no religious right to be fomenting these things from, it's this same cast of characters. i came to a place in my life when i realized that i'd made a big mistake. now we've crossed a line into which hate and vitriol have gone to a point where it is anti-democratic and anti-american. these people do not want america to succeed. they'd rather see our system go down than have a black president, someone with different political views, someone appointing people like sotomayor, hispanic people, women and others, and we've arrived at a point where enough is enough!

so these people are hate-mongers ... spreading this rhetoric, spreading these lies ... these are bad americans and they're putting us all at risk.

Friday, August 07, 2009

tweety comes on strong

with msnbc hardball host chris matthews, it's sometimes a crap shoot trying to figure out where he'll land on an issue.

this time he landed — with both feet — on a couple of necks: some poor insurance industry shill and 50+ years of republican inaction:


the creator of oh-too-gullible obama-skeptic orly taitz' kenyan birth certificate steps forward (anonymously, of course).

fine cotton business paper: $11

inkjet printer: $35

1940 royal model KMM manual typewriter: $10

2 shilling coin: $1

pilot varsity fountain pen: $3

punkin' the birthers: priceless

some birthers are calling "hoax!" on the hoax. they claim that the bomford certificate (the template for the orly's fake) is in fact the real fake, fiendishly copied from orly's original.

the only problem with that claim is that orly never had the original, as she admitted in her court filing:

the undersigned counsel for plaintiffs has acquired possession of a color copy of one certain document (attached as exhibit A to this motion), regarding which there are no ready means of authentication except by recovery of the original document.

orly taitz kenyan birth certificate

orly submitted only a low-resolution jpeg image in her filing. and, as this new set of high-resolution images shows, no photoshop hoaxer on earth could have produced such pretty documents and images, matched down to the background details, from orly's lowly p-o-s.

and to put a bow on the whole pathetic episode, the court, for reasons of orly's usual talent for not following procedure, has decided not to even look at her document:

08/06/2009 35 ORDER by magistrate judge arthur nakazato: the documents listed below were improperly filed for the following reasons: lacks proper notice; improper form and format; counsel failed to identify her cal. state bar no.; description of motion conflicts or differs from that which counsel entered on court's e-docket; therefore, the following document(s) shall be stricken from the record and shall not be considered by the court: MOTION to expedite authentication MOTION for issuance of letters rogatory for authenticity of kenyan birth certificate

knowing how adorably persistent the queen bee of birfistan can be, we can expect her to refile it. if she does, however, she'll be living in a whole new world of hurt, since it is not-unsurprisingly illegal to knowingly submit fraudulent documents to court — at least without admitting up front that they're fraudulent.

since there seems to be no bottom to this well of entertainment the birthers have been steadily providing for a year now, i say, please — go for it, orly!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

dating tips fer wimmen

perpetual lonely guy and now-immortalized la fitness club shooter george sodini helpfully explains how women can avoid falling prey to a serial killer.

... women bring this onto themselves. they actually create the guy to kill 'em. and they are too dense to see that they are creating the guy to kill 'em.

... women are so picky, so choosy, when it comes to the dating scene or bein' with somebody that, first look, it's over!

... even a fat ugly woman gets a guy. why? because a guy has more of a heart than a woman'll ever have.

... women are purposely, willingly and knowingfully forcing guys into loneliness. an' walkin' round with their heads all high because they know they'll never be alone. it's like one woman told me: "oh, good luck, you're gonna be alone for years. nobody wants someone like you. you're too short!"

... then you women want to complain when a guy flips out and kills ya? well y'know, a guy like that, if you wanted to have a one night stand, you know how you get it? get a gun out — and force it. because you couldn't get it any other way.

... it's just like me watching this show the one day, it was like, forensic files, seen a woman killed. wow! inside i felt happy. was like: huh? that's crazy — i shouldn't be happy just cause this girl gets killed. but i was. and i know why i was happy. i thought about it awhile. it's not that i wanted to go out and do it, but i know why i was happy. i was happy cause it felt good to see a woman get killed.

why did it feel good to see a woman get killed? well, they denied me my life all them years, they're denying these other guys their life for no reason at all. we didn't do anything to you, but we're not allowed to have a life because you deny us that. so now the guy flips out and kills the woman — just like she denied him a life, he's denying her a life. he takes her life literally. she's actually better off bein' dead. why? because him, he gets to suffer.

he gets to go home, still be alone, still be alone, still be alone. cry, feel all the emotions. y'know, all the emotions and feelings you women don't think guys have.

... use your heads. everybody's a human. everybody deserves somebody.

god did say: he put women on this earth with man so that everybody — everybody — could have a mate. and now you women, just like eve did, she picked the apple when god said not to. so what do you women do? you run over there and pick the apple. and now what're you doin'? you're destroyin' it. god said everybody'd have a mate and what did you do? you made sure not everybody had a mate, didn't you? why? i guess because your daddy's satan?

well, that's what it must be. because you're evil. and if you wasn't evil, why would you do this to another human being, for no reason at all?

think about that: why would you do this to another human being, for no reason at all? why would you treat them like dirt for no reason at all? and then complain when you get killed?

congratulations, sonia

... from the red-blooded all-american patriots at right-wing watering hole (emphasis on "hole") free republic, opining on the ascension of sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic1 and third female on the 220-year-old supreme court:

anybody that supported this racist appointment needs to be removed from office at the next opportunity. i'm sick of the war on white males. it's gotten so that a white heterosexual man has to work twice as hard for twice as long to get half as far as anybody in a "favored" group.

oh maestro — cue the ...

world's smallest violin

1 ny times: a few people have argued that justice benjamin cardozo, who served in the 1930s, should be considered technically the first hispanic on the supreme court. he was a sephardic jew whose family believed its ancestors came from portugal.

but the term "hispanic" was uncommon during that era, and it usually means people from the americas with a spanish-language heritage. on thursday, the hispanic national bar association hailed [sotomayor] as the first hispanic justice.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

'tis but a scratch

birther black knight

uh oh ... looks like queen birfer orly taitz' usurper-slaying "smoking gun", obama's real live kenyan birth certificate, is looking more like a flaming turd, shamelessly copied from one from the land down under (geography was never a birfer strong point, unfortunately).

so where do birfers go now?

silly wabbit — where else do conservatives go when not so well-laid plans go south? dig deeper!

orly taitz: recently obama's thugs in main stream media came up with this bomford report in order to stop my efforts in exposing and prosecuting obama. though typically i don’t have time to waste on each and every dumb obot, since it got to national tv and my children's friends called my children, i’ll spend a few minutes to debunk the obots.

... bomford report was created to try to discredit my efforts

... lastly, i am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, obama us the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy

... kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage obama posted on the net, which doesn’t have the name of the hospital, name of the doctor or signatures.

... chioumi fukino and obama and all their nazi brown shirts in the main stream media need to give it a rest and provide an original hospital BC and the corresponding big thick hospital birthing file from the kapiolani hospital. if they don’t have such a file, all of them need to resign immediately or they will be prosecuted for massive fraud and treason to this nation. (in case you didn’t know, treason carries punishment of life in prison or death penalty).

and the faithful are right behind her:

the orly B/C isn't a forgery based on the bomford B/C.

it might very well turn out to be a forgery - that's why it need to be authenticated against the registry.

but its not a forgery just because somebody made their own fake.

neither it is a forgery just because somebody else made a version with different letters and numbers.

and if a thousand gaywads from SomethingAwful make a thousand new forgeries tomorrow, each with its own spectacular backstory, that still doesn't reflect on the authenticity or otherwise of the orly B/C

only comparison with the primary sources can tell us about the authenticity of the orly B/C.

hold the presses! my daughter just showed me something.

she had me open both the australian and kenyan documents in photoshop elements. from there she had me under the image menu "divide scanned photos". nothing appeared on the kenyan document, however six layers pealed away from the australian one.

these layers all showed distortion.

... will post these late tomorrow afternoon. the interesting thing about photoshop elements is that on edited photos it will pull them apart. on unedited photos there will be no layering. all of the separated layers exhibited a great deal of pixel distortion around the letters.

i believe the australian certificate is a fraud. i can not confirm the authenticity of the kenyan document.

wait, wait, wait.
the so called australian BC is the forgery - the jury has not returned its verdict on the kenya thingy. many have rendered pre-verdict verdicts, the same, tired arguments come up every 20 posts or so, but the fat lady did not sing.

if taitz’ BC is a graphic image, then i would say it was copied from the aussie BC and she has been duped.

if her BC is on paper, then i would say that the aussie BC (which so far is just a graphic image file) was copied from her BC.

in either case, someone is going to a great deal of trouble to fog up the original issue, and to discredit the people who are asking the original questions which are: where is the original hawaiian BC? and what citizenship did O claim when he was in college.

if a guy counterfeits a dollar, does that mean the dollar in your pocket is counterfeit?

ridiculous. once again, the anti-birthers seem to come out of this round bleeding as a result of their own flailing.

IMO, this is just more rahm emmanuel orchestrated attack to try to discredit the BC before we know if it is real or not!!

well, the orly taitz certificate remains to be checked out by the experts. so far, everything seems to be credible, and the desperate efforts to discredit it have all failed to do so.

as for this nonsense from a leftist source, how does the fact that leftists are now posting bunches of faked and forged birth certificates on the web demonstrate that taitz’s certificate is a fake?

... or the posts at daily kos calling on all leftists to start turning out fake birth certificates and plaster them around the net to confuse people.

sorry, but the sudden appearance of a poorly forged aussie BC proves nothing.

it is time for conservatives to distance themselves from the obviously unstable dr.orly taitz. she has recently discredited herself with her near hysterical performance on msnbc and this screed of hers is simply disreputable. she is a liability with which the conservative movement can no longer afford to be associated.

as for the birther movement itself, the issue of the legitimacy of barack obama's birth remains theoretically open. it is theoretically possible that his mother or grandmother filed an application falsely alleging a private birth at home in honolulu which resulted in a birth certificate which purported a birth in hawaii. this document in turn spawned a certification of live birth and two newspaper announcements. all succeeding documents were automatically generated and all succeeding documents were as fraudulent as the initial application. all subsequent pronouncements by the officials of the state of hawaii properly reflected that proper procedures were followed and correctly recited that the documents show a birth in honolulu, hawaii. hence, garbage in, garbage out and all the garbage was turned out on automatic pilot. that, at any rate, it is the remaining scenario to show the barack obama is not a naturall born citizen of the united states.

this scenario is theoretically possible but not likely. far more likely is a simple explanation that barack obama received an ordinary birth certificate as is normally issued upon live birth in a honolulu hospital. but that is only a likelihood. therefore, i believe that we should maintain an open mind and a steadfast insistence that obama produce the underlying documents which would settle the provenance of the certificate of live birth.

meanwhile, as a matter of our own survival is is time to say au revoir to doctor dr.orly taitz.

hold the presses! did someone just stop digging???

true — except for the parts that aren't

i'm always amused by people who insist that the bible — or any religious tome — is true, yet believe they can pick and choose which parts don't count ...

(hat tip pz myers @ pharyngula)

Monday, August 03, 2009

queen bee

the first lady of birfistan, orly taitz, in all her unfettered glory, fluttering down from the clouds to enlighten the masses to our grave constitutional crisis, in a call-in interview on WKGO radio (northern ca):

update: the gift that keeps on giving, primetime edition ...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

certifigate: the docket

the score: 59 cases, 0 wins (i know, whatta surprise!), 44 denials or dismissals, 1 judgment against and 6 proposed bills, 3 dead.

rep. bill posey (r-fl) continues to recruit more co-sponsors — his birther bill gained its tenth co-sponsor, the shy rep. louis gohmert (r-tx).

the self-appointed "citizen grand juries" convened a 173-member "super" jury and personally handed out their "presentments" to puzzled officials around the nation's capital. incredibly enough, they got a judge to rule on their findings:

the individuals who have made this presentment were not convened by [the u.s. court for the district of columbia] to sit as a grand jury nor have they been selected at random from a fair cross section of this district.

any self-styled indictment or presentment issued by such a group has no force under the constitution or laws of the united states.

as such, leave to file this presentment is hereby DENIED.

signed by judge royce lamberth

oh drats! the usurper's minions are everywhere!

Changes since last update (Jun 6)
Lawsuits Known5953+6
Lawsuits Dismissed or Denied4437+7
Judgments For000
Judgments Against110
Bills Known660
Bills Signed000
Bills Failed330
"Citizen Juries" Known159+6
"Citizen Juries" Indictments Issued159+6
"Citizen Juries" Indictments Prosecuted000

Challenges to Obama's qualifications
CaseCourtS/FStatusNotesNext Event
Allen v Soetoro FOIAAZ DistrictFFiledDocket
Ankeny v Daniels et McCainINSDismissedArticle
AG Letter
Motion DIS
Motion OP
Berg v Obama et alPA EasternFDismissedDocs
3rd Circuit AppealsFFiledBrief FEC
Brief O DNC
Oct 26
Berg v ObamaDC DistrictFDismissedDocket
Brockhausen v AndradeTXSDismissedComplaint
Broe v ReedWA SupremeSDismissedArticle
Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations of Missouri et al v Obama et alMO WestFFiled, SealedComplaint
Cohen v ObamaDC DistrictFDismissedPrisoner
Connerat v BrowningFLSDismissedArticles
Connerat v ObamaFLSDismissedArticle
Cook v Good et alGA MiddleSDismissedMotion TRO
Cook v SimtechFL MiddleSDismissedMotion TRO
Corbett v Bowen et alCASFiledSummary
Craig v USOK WestSJudgment for DefenseComplaint
10th Circuit AppealsFDeniedArticle
SCOTUSFFiledPetition for Writ Cert.Sep 29
Dawson v ObamaCA EasternFDismissedDocket
Donofrio v WellsNJSDismissed
NJ SupremeSDenied
Ealey v ObamaTX HoustonFDismissedComplaint
Essek v ObamaKY EasternFDismissedOrder
Gleeson v McDonald et alCA SouthernSFiled
Gopalan v Obama III et alCA SouthernFFiledComplaint
Greenberg v BrunnerOHSDismissed with Court CostsOutline
Hamblin v Obama & McCainArizona DistrictFFiledDocket
Motion Op
Herbert v Obama et alFL MiddleFDismissedComplaint
Hollister v SoetoroDCFDismissed with ReprimArticle
O Motion
B Motion Op
Order SC
Order Disch
B Response
B Rejoin
B Pro Hac
O Reply
DC AppealsFFiledScheduleAug 5
Hunter v ObamaSCOTUSFDismissedArticle and Order
Judy v McCain et RNCNV DistrictFDismissed
Kerchner et al v Obama et alNJFFiledArticle
Amend 1
Amend 2
Motion Dis
Nunc Pro Tunc
Aug 17
Keyes v BowenCA SuperiorSDismissedPetition
Prelim Ruling
CA AppealsSFiledNotice
Keyes v LingleHISDismissedDismissal
Recon Dism
Keyes et al v Obama et alCA CentralFFiledArticle
Service Affidavit
Motion Default
US Atty
7-13-09 #1
7-13-09 #2
7-13-09 #3
7-13-09 #4
Amended Complaint
Sep 11
Lightfoot v BowenSCOTUSFDeniedArticles
Marquis v ReedWASDismissedPress Release
Martin v LingleHISDismissedArticles
HI AppealsSDismissedArticle
Morrow v ObamaFL DistrictFDismissedPrisoner
Neal v BrunnerOHSDismissedNotes
Neely v ObamaMI EasternFDismissedComplaint
Roy v ObamaHIFDismissedComplaint
Schneller v CortesPA SupremeSDeniedSummary
Stamper v USOH DistrictFDismissedComplaint
Article, Order and Memo
Strunk 29641-08NY SupremeSFiledNotes
Strunk 29642-08NY SupremeSFiledNotes
Strunk 08-cv-4289NY EasternFDismissed with PrejNotes
NY 2nd Circuit AppealsFDeniedNotes
Strunk v US State Dept FOIADCFFiledComplaint
Motion Op
Motion Dis
Def Answer
Sullivan v MarshallNCSDismissedArticles
Terry v HandelGASDismissed with PrejOrder
Thomas et al v HosemannMS SouthernFDismissed with PrejArticle
Welch v Mukasey et alNYFDismissed
Wrotnowski v BysiewiczCTSDismissedOrder
"s/f" = state/federal.
"article" = published non-judicial comment.
"official" = plaintiff is suing the president in his official capacity.
"prisoner" = plaintiff is in prison suing the president in his official capacity.
see also the right side of life eligibility lawsuits page.
see also free republic list of cases.
compiled from dr. conspiracy's obama conspiracy theories docket project.

Requiring presidential candidates submit proof of qualification
BillLegislatureSponsor(s) StatusNotes
HR 1503CongressBill Posey, Rep, R‑FL
Bob Goodlatte, Rep, R‑VA
Marsha Blackburn, Rep, R‑TX
Dan Burton, Rep, R‑IN
John Campbell, Rep, R‑CA
John Carter, Rep, R‑TX
John Culberson, Rep, R‑TX
Louis Gohmert, Rep, R‑TX
Kenny Marchant, Rep, R‑TX
Randy Neugebauer, Rep, R‑TX
Ted Poe, Rep, R‑TX
Refer'd to HseBill
SB 474MTAubyn Curtiss, Sen, RTabledBill
HB 1329OKMike Ritze, Rep, RFailedAmend1
SB 1158AZRussell Pearce, Sen, R
Judy Burges, Rep, R
Pamela Gorman, Sen, R
Ron Gould, Sen, R
Chuck Gray, Sen, R
Jack Harper, Sen, R
Thayer Verschoor, Sen, R
Carl Seel, Rep, R
HJR 34MORobert Cooper, Rep, R
Bob Nance, Rep, R
Brian Nieves, Rep, R
Cynthia Davis, Rep, R
Dan Brown, Rep, R
Don Wells, Rep, R
Doug Ervin, Rep, R
Doug Funderburk, Rep, R
Dwight Scharnhorst, Rep, R
Jason Brown, Rep, R
Mike Lair, Rep, R
Mike McGhee, Rep, R
Rick Stream, Rep, R
Shane Schoeller, Rep, R
Walt Bivins, Rep, R
HB 835TXSid Miller, Rep, RFiledBill

Meetings held to issue "indictments" against Obama
American Grand Jury (Online)Indictments, "Presentments" Issued (8)Fraud, TreasonWebsite
AGJ "Super Jury" (Online)"Presentments" Issued (3)Fraud, TreasonPresentments
AGJ "13 Colonies Super Jury" (Online)RecruitingArticle
AGJ "Sun States Jury" (AZ, CO, NM, NV, Online)RecruitingArticle
Common Law Citizens Grand Jury (AZ)RecruitingArticle
AGJ Arizona Grand Jury (Online)RecruitingArticle
AGJ Arkansas Grand Jury (Online)Indictments IssuedFraud, TreasonArticle
AGJ California Grand Jury (Online)RecruitingFraud, TreasonArticle
Georgia Citizens' Grand JuryIndictments IssuedFraud, ConspiracyArticle
Illinois Grand JuryRecruitingArticle
AGJ Missouri Grand Jury (Online)RecruitingArticle
North Carolina Grand JuryIndictments IssuedFraud, TreasonArticle
Rhode Island Grand JuryRecruitingArticle
Tennessee Grand JuryRecruitingArticle
AGJ Lone Star Grand Jury (TX, Online)Indictments IssuedFraud, TreasonArticle