Thursday, June 25, 2009

falling like tenpins

congratulations, mark ... you've just handed your party another much-needed crisis in leadership. after all, it's only been a week since the last one. john ensign thanks you for the respite ...

anybody else worried that every candidate who shows up on the radar screen is put under a microscope (O’s watching!).
sarah palin
john ensign
mark sanford

republicans need to unite against “the one” just look how he wiped out hillary when he wasn’t even on the map 2 years before 2008...

no, we do not need to "unite against 'the one'". we need to unite FOR a qualified, responsible, and electable candidate. that rules out palin, ensign, and sanford.

democrats united FOR "the one", and that's how he got elected. "the one" did his part too, in that he didn't have his immediate family behaving like trailer trash, didn't get caught having an affair with blackmail and job favors involved, and didn't disappear without explanation while serving in the us senate.

like mark davis said yesterday on rush, if sanford doesn’t have a logical, reasonable explanation for his disappearance, he’s toast as far as a run for the presidency goes. now, if he were a democrat, the media would be celebrating his sense of independence and adventure and how he’s going to bring new ideas and energy to his role as governor of the great state of SC.
he’s toast already. disappearing for a few days without letting your staff or wife know where you are or how to reach you or at least what they’re *supposed* to say about your absence, and then resurfacing several days lateer saying “what’s the big deal?” is not career-ending behavior for a pop singer or sociology professor, but it most certainly IS career-ending behavior for a state governor and would-be republican POTUS nominee. we republicans are into the personal responsibility thing.

... especially when you've made it your platform by castigating everybody else for lacking it.

republicans should not have affairs with married staff members or take mystery trips to argentina without informing wife or staff. and, they need to do a better job of pointing hypocrisy of the rich wall-street dems from goldman sachs and citigroup who are destroying this country!

republicans have to be squeaky clean because they are expected to be. they must be articulate because so many of our candidates in the past have not been, and well, we all know how GWB was about less govt.

i haven’t seen the GOP candidate that can do all that yet. it’s not sanford (not a lot of charisma and this disappearing act isn’t good) palin (more of a joke now on the national stage) or jindal (again with the speaking on a national level ) and no one in congress seems to want less govt. isn’t there someone else out there who can go toe to toe with obama?

the whole problem is the dems send in thier best teams of smarmy hacks, and the pubbies can’t do that because the best are usally running a buisness or 2 or 3.

... because republicans are just too damn clean and hardworking for their own good.

time to throw my support to haley barbour, i guess.

now there's a ringing endorsement.

frankly, i am so sick and tired of the ridiculous standards that somehow must apply to our candidates/leaders, when nowhere near the scrutiny comes to those on the other side. we have too many on OUR side who have bought into this bs. i would just as soon have the truck driver at the local bar become president or senator, because we would likely get better leadership from someone like that.

and to all romney supporters, go stick it.

here's an novel idea: next time try nominating somebody you'd rather have a beer with ...

this is way beyond something where the media latches on to a misstep or a family member or a misspeaking of a word. this is about strange internal demons and being out of touch with reality.

i think this was his way of telling us that he didn't want to go any further in leadership.

admittedly, he could have finessed the rollout a little better.

doesn’t rule out palin at all! sarah 2012!!!

i seriously am feeling sick. i am very depressed. fieldmarshaldj had me look at sanford and i actually did and really like him. this is so disappointing. i sincerely am sorry fieldmarshaldj for this...seriously!!!

well good old fieldmarshal spent the morning villainizing those of us with the temerity to question sanford when there was a distinct whiff of adultery in the air. ready to apology fieldmarshal?

"fieldmarshalj" responds:

he let a lot of us down, and seeing the spectacle on tv... just very sad. i spent this entire morning defending the man to the hilt and hearing what is pouring out of his mouth... no words.

boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo

so is jindal the one i have to default to for ‘12 now?
at this rate we're gonna be defaulting to some unknown state senator.

and the guy didn’t even buy american.

sorry, but this guy is half a bubble off. getting on the plane for nooky?

make me sick.

well, another one of sarah’s oppnents goes down the tubers.

next, we find out that mitt’s hairpiece is phony.

jesus, they’re falling like tenpins.

no. this is really pathetic. especially watching him hide behind the bible. you don’t go into republican politics if you can’t hide john thomas in your pants. you don’t cheat on the mrs. you just don’t. if you do, the D’s will find out about it and kill you.


so, i wonder how much rahm paid the girl to flip on him?

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