Monday, September 21, 2009

life cycle of a birther lawsuit

it all started on august 21, 2008 in the eastern federal district of pennsylvania when "puma" and "9-11 truther" attorney phil berg filed the first case against the kenyan usurper-to-be, one that lives on in appeals to this day. proudly taking on the role of the "disloyal" opposition, the birthers, after over 60 suits and their appeals, have settled into a reliable, if not yet productive, though now diagrammable, litigation routine. it's just one of those bugs-turned-feature of our new post-racial marxist collective, folks. get used to it.

anyone not regularly following the birthers' pathetic patriotic trials and tribulations in defense of the constitution can now refer to the following flowchart (click image to enlarge) as a navigational aid through the many stages in the life cycle of what has become a typical lawsuit.

it's worth noting that the cycle has essentially become a closed system, making it possible to run without end — or at least into 2017 ...


  1. Fantastic. Can this be used with attribution?

  2. Absolutely classic! This handy study aid will be by my side for the next how many years?

    Oh god.

  3. Hey, arrgghh, I posted it here:

    Not much comment needed as it says it all!

  4. thanks for the link, gimme -- i did want to see where it ended up.