Saturday, November 10, 2007

that's insultainment

in•sul•tain•ment [in'sәl-tãn'mәnt]


print, broadcast or online content, especially when distributed by a commercial entity, that is so stultifyingly stupid and/or devoid of actual news or information that it can only be considered an insult to the intelligence of (and may — or should — even induce fits of rage in) the viewer.

origin: november 10, 2007 (you heard it here first, folks!): blend of insult and entertainment: my doctor tells me i need to start watching something other than the o'reilly factor. he says all that insultainment's no good for my blood pressure!

see also: infotainment.

stacy and laci peterson: the eerie similarities
(cbs) it's like deja vu all over again.

this missing woman might not be pregnant, but the similiarities in the stacey peterson and laci peterson cases are eerie at best.... and not just because of their names.

laci peterson

what the husband said: scott said laci took the dog for a walk.

murder in the first: police have been investigating whether a college student, kristin smart, who went to cal poly at the same time of scott peterson might have been murdered by him.

a watery grave: police found the remains of laci after they washed up in the san francsico bay. the remains of the couple's unborn son, connor, washed up days before.

in the family way: laci rocha peterson was eight months pregnant when she was killed on december 24, 2002.

i'm not guilty: scott peterson is on death row in san quentin for the murder of laci and their unborn child. he maintains his innocence.

ironically: laci's best friend, since third grade, was a woman named stacey (boyers.)

stacy peterson
what the husband said: drew said stacy left voluntarily.

murder in the first: police now think drew peterson might have had something to do with his third wife's (kathleen salvio) mysterious bathtub drowning.

a watery grave: search crews are still looking for stacy. they recently dredged a nearby lake but found nothing.

in the family way: stacy peterson had two children with her husband drew when she was reported missing.

i'm not guilty: while he was officially called a "suspect" on november 9th for the october 28th dissapearance of his wife, drew maintains his innocence.

ironically: stacy peterson has a daughter named lacey.

i see that whoever at cbs news filed this brain-free fluff had just enough sense of professional self-preservation not to sign it.

nonetheless they should be dragged out into the sunlight and roundly flogged for the crime alone of contributing to the further corruption of the much-abused term "ironically".

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