Saturday, December 26, 2009

blue dawn

up to the L’s.

we are still a free country.
but only for a few more minutes.

in the wee hours of christmas eve at our favorite right-wing watering hole, our troubled nation's watchers on the walls of freedom awoke to find themselves in a terrifying new country ...

and at 0712, america died.

51 votes

May God Have Mercy on America

yes, after months of valiant but ultimately futile struggle, the iron fist of health care reform had descended upon america.

the democrat party is now the Communist Party of America. the takeover is complete. they haved reached their 96 year old dream in 2009.

we must work hard to make sure that december 24, 2009 is the high water mark of the democrat party in america.

this is OUR country, not theirs.

they have engaged in tyranny.

ten generations of americans are watching to see if the freedom they bequeathed to us was worth the cost.

we dare not fail their sacrifice.

it starts today.

democrats are the enemy of freedom.

they have drawn a line in the political sands.

we must step across and take back OUR country.

that is our task from now until november 2, 2010.

lord god, give us the strength, so that we will not fail.

this is their big historical moment. let’s all celebrate the loss of our freedom. may they all have the worst new year possible.

i had to turn off the tv. i’m weepy and nauseous at what is happening to our country.

our beloved country sees a dark day, indeed.

(if i remember correctly, "your" beloved country was on the brink of total economic collapse a year ago ...)

there are no blurred lines this morning about who voted to arbitrarily kill or enslave me and mine under the rubric of "health care."


"blue dogs" and "independents" have proven to be neither. even the RINOs did not in the end vote for this, and i will give them credit whether it is deserved or not.

i want to be the first to thank the DIM-oc-RATS for making clear who they are: marxist tyrannical rat bastards. the lines are clear. do not forget. vote. resist! resist! resist!

as an aside, i find it difficult to fathom their hatred for the children, christmas and for our culture. it is obvious they are the spawn of evil. pox on them all.

it starts today.

indeed it does. i've been working up to it since november, but it truly starts today.

(... yup, right after i take care of this big bag of cheetos.)

i took down the stars & stripes yesterday. now i just fly the gadsden flag.

i’m not flying my flag again until we take back our country.

no. fly your flag. it is now the symbol of the resistance.

besides, it annoys liberals to no end.

if it’s going to save all these poor people from death and suffering, why the F**K are they waiting until 2014 to implement it? i guess the democrats just enjoy seeing death and suffering.

it is amazing. well, guess i’ll head on over to walmart and pick up some more ammunition. have a merry christmas all.

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