Tuesday, August 04, 2009

'tis but a scratch

birther black knight

uh oh ... looks like queen birfer orly taitz' usurper-slaying "smoking gun", obama's real live kenyan birth certificate, is looking more like a flaming turd, shamelessly copied from one from the land down under (geography was never a birfer strong point, unfortunately).

so where do birfers go now?

silly wabbit — where else do conservatives go when not so well-laid plans go south? dig deeper!

orly taitz: recently obama's thugs in main stream media came up with this bomford report in order to stop my efforts in exposing and prosecuting obama. though typically i don’t have time to waste on each and every dumb obot, since it got to national tv and my children's friends called my children, i’ll spend a few minutes to debunk the obots.

... bomford report was created to try to discredit my efforts

... lastly, i am not supposed to waste my time and money on this issue, obama us the one who is supposed to provide evidence of legitimacy

... kenyan BC provides more info than the piece of garbage obama posted on the net, which doesn’t have the name of the hospital, name of the doctor or signatures.

... chioumi fukino and obama and all their nazi brown shirts in the main stream media need to give it a rest and provide an original hospital BC and the corresponding big thick hospital birthing file from the kapiolani hospital. if they don’t have such a file, all of them need to resign immediately or they will be prosecuted for massive fraud and treason to this nation. (in case you didn’t know, treason carries punishment of life in prison or death penalty).

and the faithful are right behind her:

the orly B/C isn't a forgery based on the bomford B/C.

it might very well turn out to be a forgery - that's why it need to be authenticated against the registry.

but its not a forgery just because somebody made their own fake.

neither it is a forgery just because somebody else made a version with different letters and numbers.

and if a thousand gaywads from SomethingAwful make a thousand new forgeries tomorrow, each with its own spectacular backstory, that still doesn't reflect on the authenticity or otherwise of the orly B/C

only comparison with the primary sources can tell us about the authenticity of the orly B/C.

hold the presses! my daughter just showed me something.

she had me open both the australian and kenyan documents in photoshop elements. from there she had me under the image menu "divide scanned photos". nothing appeared on the kenyan document, however six layers pealed away from the australian one.

these layers all showed distortion.

... will post these late tomorrow afternoon. the interesting thing about photoshop elements is that on edited photos it will pull them apart. on unedited photos there will be no layering. all of the separated layers exhibited a great deal of pixel distortion around the letters.

i believe the australian certificate is a fraud. i can not confirm the authenticity of the kenyan document.

wait, wait, wait.
the so called australian BC is the forgery - the jury has not returned its verdict on the kenya thingy. many have rendered pre-verdict verdicts, the same, tired arguments come up every 20 posts or so, but the fat lady did not sing.

if taitz’ BC is a graphic image, then i would say it was copied from the aussie BC and she has been duped.

if her BC is on paper, then i would say that the aussie BC (which so far is just a graphic image file) was copied from her BC.

in either case, someone is going to a great deal of trouble to fog up the original issue, and to discredit the people who are asking the original questions which are: where is the original hawaiian BC? and what citizenship did O claim when he was in college.

if a guy counterfeits a dollar, does that mean the dollar in your pocket is counterfeit?

ridiculous. once again, the anti-birthers seem to come out of this round bleeding as a result of their own flailing.

IMO, this is just more rahm emmanuel orchestrated attack to try to discredit the BC before we know if it is real or not!!

well, the orly taitz certificate remains to be checked out by the experts. so far, everything seems to be credible, and the desperate efforts to discredit it have all failed to do so.

as for this nonsense from a leftist source, how does the fact that leftists are now posting bunches of faked and forged birth certificates on the web demonstrate that taitz’s certificate is a fake?

... or the posts at daily kos calling on all leftists to start turning out fake birth certificates and plaster them around the net to confuse people.

sorry, but the sudden appearance of a poorly forged aussie BC proves nothing.

it is time for conservatives to distance themselves from the obviously unstable dr.orly taitz. she has recently discredited herself with her near hysterical performance on msnbc and this screed of hers is simply disreputable. she is a liability with which the conservative movement can no longer afford to be associated.

as for the birther movement itself, the issue of the legitimacy of barack obama's birth remains theoretically open. it is theoretically possible that his mother or grandmother filed an application falsely alleging a private birth at home in honolulu which resulted in a birth certificate which purported a birth in hawaii. this document in turn spawned a certification of live birth and two newspaper announcements. all succeeding documents were automatically generated and all succeeding documents were as fraudulent as the initial application. all subsequent pronouncements by the officials of the state of hawaii properly reflected that proper procedures were followed and correctly recited that the documents show a birth in honolulu, hawaii. hence, garbage in, garbage out and all the garbage was turned out on automatic pilot. that, at any rate, it is the remaining scenario to show the barack obama is not a naturall born citizen of the united states.

this scenario is theoretically possible but not likely. far more likely is a simple explanation that barack obama received an ordinary birth certificate as is normally issued upon live birth in a honolulu hospital. but that is only a likelihood. therefore, i believe that we should maintain an open mind and a steadfast insistence that obama produce the underlying documents which would settle the provenance of the certificate of live birth.

meanwhile, as a matter of our own survival is is time to say au revoir to doctor dr.orly taitz.

hold the presses! did someone just stop digging???

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