Thursday, October 06, 2011

steve jobs, r.i.p.

over nearly thirty years, every computer i've ever owned was made by apple. as a computer-curious artist, steve had me with macpaint. i still have a copy of the program and a working mac plus to run it on ...

macpaint (1984)

apple iic (1984), something of a novelty item

macintosh plus (1986), my first art computer

performa 600 cd (1992), color! with built-in cd drive

power mac 8500 (1996), my first video-capable unit

powerbook lombard (2000), my first laptop

powerbook g4 line (titanium, 2001 & aluminum, 2005)

ipod g3 (2003)

ipod g5 video (2005)

macbook pro (2010)

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