Saturday, November 07, 2009

if i only had a brain


i wouldn't while away the hours
connectin' shady powers
and wondrin' who's to gain
and my head i'd stop a-scratchin'
itchy plots it keeps a-hatchin'
if i only had a brain ♫

i'd scoff at every riddle
from every individ'le
intol'rant or insane


with the time you'd stop a-wastin'
a real life you could be tastin'
if you only had a brain ♫


oh, i wouldn't wonder why
no judge will hear my roar
i'd stop thinkin' things
no one's thunk before
and then i'd go
and do some chores

i would not be just a-huffin'
my head all full of stuffin'
my heart all full of pain
i'd sober up and tell orly
a new hobby she needs sorely
if i only had a brain ♫

(transformative lyrics by aarrgghh)

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