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certifigate: from hero to zero, in under 60

birther "drkate", october 29, 10:19 am:

two judges
go tell it to the marines

all men are created equal, is not simply misunderstood words in our declaration of independence, used to push new and bigger social programs that have nothing to do with equality. it is a truth that we as americans hold dear, but the greater truth of these words is in their application. all people are created equal, but the greater truth is what they do between birth and death that not only defines a person but in the end determines their value to posterity. it is true for average people as it is such in the case of federal justices.

when one looks at two judges david carter and jerome simandle in the obama eligibility trials it is easy to see vast differences in them once you look past the black robes, even though they are equal in stature in the blind eyes of the law. in 1967 david carter had just graduated UCLA, and instead of continuing his education or applying for a commission in any of the armed services, a young david chose to be one of the few and the proud and enlisted in the united states marine corps. as a recipient of the bronze star and purple heart and a veteran of the battle of khe sahn, he left the marines not as a private but with the coveted mameluke sword, who’s origins go back to lieutenant o’bannon and the shores of tripoli.

jerome simandle graduated from princeton in 1971, vietnam was still a meat grinder, although during june of that year the political tide had decidedly turned against the war. while many young graduates in 1971 found themselves with no other option than to wait to see if their selective service number would be picked in the next lottery, simandle some how found the means to leave the united states for the neutral country of sweden. was simandle a "draft dodger?" it is hard to say what went through his mind. the better question about simandle should be is he a coward? in this, i can give an opinion and say without a doubt i think he is a coward.

i say simandle is a coward for his decision in the kerchner et al v. obama and congress decision of just a week ago. if we apply the words of chief justice marshall to simandle’s action we could also call him a traitor to the constitution.

... his country called on him twice in his life, and both times it appears jerome simandle ran away, with his head held high, but his tail between his legs. david carter had no doubts to his loyalty when his country called on him in 1967, he was a humble man who could have been commissioned an officer, but chose the mud filled boots of a grunt’s life instead of the clean sheets in a stockholm dormitory. obama and his minions now have a chance to tell his pitifully ever-changing nativity story to a marine, and me thinks that a true marine who knows where blood stripes comes from, really won’t give a rats ass for any pitiful excuse the DoJ may come up with. nor will any traitor find sympathy from a marine, as he would promptly show that traitor where in webster’s dictionary one can find sympathy in between that bodily excretion that sounds like a middle-eastern religion and that venereal disease al capone died of. now his country has called on him again, and i say "once a marine, always a marine" and judge carter will revert to lieutenant david o. carter and will charge to the sound of battle and not run away.

judge carter, by the grace of our Creator you and jerome simandle came into this world equal in your nakedness, but we have seen the difference in what you both have done with the time allotted to you by that same Creator. the annals of history and the hopes of our national posterity now rest on how decide to leave your mark on your judicial career, as a US marine or an internationalist traitor. my only wish is that you remember our motto, semper fidelis!

commenter "sparks", 10:59 am:

i'm guessing you are unaware that judge carter granted the motion to dismiss this morning.

"drkate", 11:01 am:

i was unaware of that. my god.

"drkate", 2:14 pm:

i guess he is an internationalist traitor then, and certainly a traitor to the constitution. he did not remember the oath.

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