Monday, February 01, 2010

gop retreat

... 90 MINUTES LATER ...

one of the little things that amused me about the obama deathtrap fail the GOP sprung on themselves last week was the sight — on nationwide tv — of the president's staunchest foes crowding him for autographs and handshakes at the end of their own richly deserved drubbing.

sure, a certain protocol allowed it, and the signature of america's popular first black president is probably already worth a lot, but, for the sake of their rabid constituencies, whom they've fed — as obama painfully spelled out — a nonstop diet of conservative populist hate since obama's election, their representatives could have waited for the cameras to go dark before bowing to their alien overlord.

but anyone familiar with the authoritarian mindset shouldn't be surprised. bullies respect only power and despise weakness. as far as the bully is concerned, it's your own damn fault if you can't keep him from stealing your lunch money. by stealing the GOP's lunch money and eating their lunch in front of them and a national audience, obama became an object of worship, something every bully can respect ... at least until frank luntz can come up with a new set of talking points.

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