Thursday, May 11, 2006

some advice for senate democrats

there is a bully in the schoolyard.

this bully is not interested in playing by the rules. he thinks that the rules are for sissies. he is counting on their yielding to rules that he refuses to follow.

the sissies need to stop cowering. they need to stop worrying about looking like sissies. the bully has already proven that.

the sissies need to realize that no matter how much they try to accommodate the bully, the bully has no interest in making life easier for the sissies. the bully only wants to make life easier for himself.

the sissies need to put aside whatever idiosyncratic dysfunctions that prevent them from cooperating. because without cooperation they are simply prey for the bully.

the sissies need to confront the bully. outside, where everyone can see, so everyone will know. everyone has to know. it is of utmost importance that everyone knows.

the sissies need to bloody his nose.

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