Tuesday, June 03, 2008

she can't lose

they say that victory has many fathers, but defeat may have even more coroners.

while i've nothing to add to the avalanche of diagnoses on the clinton collapse, i'll make this note on her persistence, which i believe is fueled by the increasingly obvious realization that the republicans have no chance in november. despite whatever public protestations she makes regarding obama's electibility, she knows as well as we all do that whoever gets the democratic nomination is the de facto next president.

in effect, the democratic primary is the general election. november will be simply a formality. hence the primary season's length, national scope and fever pitch.

especially frustrating for clinton must be watching the crown slip out of her fingers like so much sand, after having spent most of the decade diligently lining up all her knights and rooks and pawns — for an endgame that suddenly demanded a whole new strategy.

given the enormous investment of work and energy and money and calculation and blood and sweat and tears and — let's be honest — mountains and mountains of bubbling bullshit that must go into a run for the office, i cannot imagine the depth of such crushing disappointment. i can only imagine that it is a beast few have the fortitude to face willingly. but face it she must — if we ever expect to hear her concede.

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