Saturday, June 07, 2008

all that's missing are the trails

today's addition to the garmin nüvi gps custom vehicle icon fleet: tron lightcycles, in red and blue: (click to download)

NOTICE: these custom icons that i make freely available are not for resale!

nüvi tron lightcycle

nüvi tron lightcycle

nüvi tron lightcycle

previously posted custom icons include the several star trek shuttlecraft, a star wars tie fighter, the 1966 tv batmobile, even more batmobiles, speed racer's mach 5 and the beatles' yellow submarine.


eri said...

Holy cow, these are great!
Thank-you for your generosity.

RocketWidget said...

Actually, in response to -"All that's missing are the trails", on my newer Garmin, 265T, and i think any Garmin 2x5 model, you have the option to turn on blue tracks of where you have been. Makes this even cooler!