Tuesday, March 23, 2010

velkomm to der ussa

well, i guess we finally found out, didn't we?

time for some whine and cheese from the usual suspects:

march 21 10:45 pm eastern time: RIP USA.


the shift from personal liberty to federal tyranny is a done deal.

c-span would not take callers!! we have been silenced!!!

i feel sick. the fact that c-span was not taking callers was telling.


but if obama and his liberal cronies get their way america will be changed forever
what planet r u living on.

they just got their way! no if’s about it.

&*@$, @#&%, %$#@*&^ **** **** ****!!!@!!

nazi piglosi and her comrades heading off to celebrate.

from now on i work as little as possible, and skirt all taxes possible, lets bring this f*cker down.
yes, i now will do only what is "according to my ability" and absolutely no more. welcome to the USSA

we the people are reaping what we have sown in our uninvolvement in this republic. these fascist federal oligarchs (read democrap party) could not rise to such power if we the people had been paying the requisite attention to our sovereign responsibilities.

there were 34 democrats who stood with the republicans in standing up for freedom in america. we should know who they are. because all republicans and democrats who voted for our freedom, should be recognized as patriots.
none of those democrats voted against the bill, they were allowed to vote no to cover their arses. they are ALL scum! eff them all!

i want to say this before my daily prayers. we are totally fu%%ked. it is time for patriots to take charge. pay no insurance premiums (ITS FREE!!!). pay no taxes (40% don’t —why do you??? idiot!!) (file an honest return because you can’t go to jail if you just file a return. check it out!!) .
we need civil disobedience like gandhi and certainly michael king (alias martin luther— what a joke)never dreamed. go to bed . pray and then let’s raise HELL!
i fully advocate the use of civil violence at this point.
that won’t happen, but I do have a baseball bat, various metallic projectile launchers, a feather pillow and a jar of honey.

damn them all to hell!
and damn to hell every freaking idiot who put these tyrants in power!!!
i would assume that that would include every conservative that sat on the couch election day to ‘teach’ the republicans a lesson! i guess you did that all right....and took the country down with your attitude. thanks, thanks so much. my question to all of you...HAVE YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON??????? election have consequences!

the dems must be frog hopped out of their offices and put on trial for TREASON. no excuses, anyone who voted for this must be tossed out and denied any pensions and put in prison.

in ictu oculi, sic transit gloria mundi...

but don't worry if you've heard this sturm und drang all before — this time they really mean it!

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