Tuesday, July 15, 2008

try harder next time

the blogosphere asks: is this satire?

hmmm ... maybe not so much:

it represents the basic stuff that you get from the right about obama, but it neither mocks nor exaggerates them. it's a sad state of affairs that conservatives are hard to satirize or parody because they're so insane, but that's where we are.

ok, so the new yorker obviously didn't try hard enough. they fell victim to the political version of "poe's law".

they didn't take the non-stop paranoia the right wing smear machine force feeds its minions all the way to its (il)logical conclusion:

the real limbaugh-hannity dittohead fantasy nightmare:

THE DATE: january 21, 2009

THE SCENE: a large outdoor prison labor camp, manned on its perimeters by doberman-walking, heavily-armed, aviator-shaded, afro-&-sideburn-sporting, toothpick-chewing, purple revolution-jumpsuited soul-brothers.

behind barbed-wire, under the hot sun, bent over rows of cotton, wretched white slaves toil in close chains as strains of parliament funkadelic waft out of the guard towers.

one slave curses himself for having been a brainwashed libtard dumbocrat tricked into voting for president barack obama. enraged at the confession, another slave — sporting a "mom loves mccain" tattoo on a bicep swollen and glistening from servitude — throttles him with his own chains. the guards fire into the air and bark for order as the slaves scatter and the victim's last spasms subside ...

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