Friday, January 09, 2009

it's the little disappointments

... that always seem to hurt the most.

despite the seasonably bad northeast weather, in freeperville the sun's always up in the morning. and today the natural-born™ patriots of right-wing blog free republic had an especially good reason to bask in its warmth, for today was the day that the new congress counts and certifies the electoral votes cast in november, thereby putting its official stamp on the results.

freepers today is the big day. i'm assuming it's going to be on C-SPAN. i did not find a discussion thread so i'm starting one for us.

now why would freeperville look forward to the day that legitimizes and carves in stone the theft of the election by the "bitter" enemy of all who love the constitution — "the usurper" barry hussein obama-soetoro?

the answer, of course, is that all freepers love good theater:

i bet someone challenges the count, just one person.

i hope one will. ... if for no other reason than to make a symbolic stand ... and give me hope that a spinalectomy isn’t performed on everyone who enters DC.

i was hoping an elector from alaska naturally.

we will just have to wait and see i suppose.

picturing a scenario of what if, how would the MSM react?

my guess is they will go into shock mode with constant red alerts on faux.

if there was a contested scenario it could also open up other fracture scenarios, it could turn the tide in as such as the MSM going into shark feeding frenzy.

mmm ... popcorn!

that’s the only thing i’m hoping for. at least ONE person with enough guts to at least broach the subject. i’m not under any misconception of hope that it will change today’s outcome in certifying the vote, but if at least ONE representative, or senator brings it up at least it’ll be in the record.

i hope whoever steps up will run for president in 2013.

2013 ... ?

i predict we’ll have one congressman attempt to object and it will be ignored by the speaker as if no one said anything.

well, we all know by now how the afternoon matinee played out. obama-biden got all their pledged 365 electors. mccain-palin got all their 173. do i hear any objections? bueller ... ? bueller ... ?

i picked an awful day to quite drinking.

not one single comment about ineligibility issues.

seeing that cheney did NOT even offer an opportunity to voice objections does this go against procedure, or not?

... i’m wondering if there is a procedural rule regarding request for objections or not. if there IS, then the supreme court may indeed have something to say about it (not holding my breath on that either though).

3 USC 15 - section 15

"every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one senator and one member of the house of representatives before the same shall be received."

if i’m reading this right, no one objected in writing beforehand, so cheney didn’t have to call for it.

the rep. from georgia failed to do what he said he would do. he must not have been able to get a crook from the sen. to join him! this is sad. no constitutional supporters in either house! of course if you ain’t got any you don’t need a jock strap!

they can certify all day long, it means nothing. until he releases documents to verify his past, he's a phony.

there is now no way to deny that the GOP has joined with the rats to form one big happy party.

this was the design all along. now we have witnessed it.

and they all just took an oath to uphold the constitution.

they have no intention of ever doing so.

now we will see amnesty, a trillion dollar bailout, energy DE-pendence, the complete devaluing of the dollar and of our personal worth, the emasculation of our military.

make no mistake about it — we are in the pot, and the temperature of the flame is being increased incrementally.

it only took ten years for this country to fall. from february 12, 1999 when the senate failed to do its job to convict a perjurious president to january 8, 2009, when not one member of congress objected to obama not being qualified under the constitution to be president.

only ten years to lull the sheep to sleep, and to take away their will to fight. biden and obama will ensure another terror attack, the result of which will be to extend control over us in the guise of security.

darkness awaits. we rebelled against england for less than this.

sigh ... those little disappointments.

well, we can always count on one thing — when freepers just can't find good theater anywhere, these hearty troopers aren't shy about supplying their own!

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