Saturday, June 02, 2012

dreams from my birthers

i guess i am just dreaming, but i am starting to hear a lot of (new) rumors that barry is going to be arrested within a matter of days.

let us pray they are true!!!

by bob1943 [jun 2, 2011]

most america wrote off birthers in june 2008, when candidate barack obama released his birth certificate to dispel charges that his name was really "mohammed". just like most america wrote off birthers in november 2008 when obama won the election. just like in january 2009 when he was sworn in by chief justice roberts. just like in april 2011 when the president released his long-form birth certificate — while signing the death certificates of osama bin laden and donald trump's political ambitions.

or so america foolishly thought. again. to quote george will, both donald trump and birtherism are "redundant evidence" that "your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into american politics." perhaps the blame lies in the egalitarian nature of the american dream.

dreams die hard. so too conspiracy theories. you could probably write a book about them ...

my dream is that barack obama ... won't be able to go to any city, any town, any hamlet in america without seeing signs that ask, 'where is the birth certificate?'

by joe farah, [feb 2010]

i am so confident about the eventual outcome now that i am increasingly persuaded that barack obama will not even seek re-election.

that will be the tipoff that our suspicions about obama's eligibility and/or life story were correct all along.

by joe farah, [feb 2011]

we will have him out of office in 30 days.

by orly taitz [sep 13 2009]

noone has done more to bring the marxist/muslim down than dr. orly taitz.

she may not succeed this time, but one day she will.

by patriot08 [jan 23 2012]

i just got off the phone with my brother who's a police detective in tucson. you know that lucas smith is in jail there?

my brother says he wasn't arrested for a crime, he's in protective custady to keep obozo's thugs from murdering him. ive never heard my brother so excited. he says he's working with the FBI and obozo will definitely be arrested by monday morning! smith will be the main witness at his trial, becasue of the kenya birth certificate he got in mombasa.

i think its finally happening! the end of the usurper on monday morning!

by dolores moody [jun 2 2011]

i want to witness obooboo’s first day in leavenworth with his new cellmate bubba.

by georgia girl 2 [jun 2 2012]

my dream... one day a judge awards terry lakin every penny that soebarka has ever made.

we are one day closer.

by pa-river [mar 22 2012]

someone, some person or persons out there know what's going on. come forward boldly and publicly with evidence and provide it to sheriff joe. hussein and crew wouldn't dare touch you. cash in your story for 7 or 8 figures. be a hero, or be taken down as an accomplice. i am sure there are people out there that could, and should, do this.

meanwhile, we'll just keep plugging away, asking the tough questions like why there are so many contradictory statements being made by people who should know; why different versions of a single document keep springing up; why the latest one is so obviously a fake; why so much of the MSM seems to be an accomplice to the coverup; etc. i'll just keep hoping and praying that the truth comes out. i will take the day off from work and celebrate when i see hussein perp-walked out of the white house.

by thunderSleeps [may 30 2012]

eventually the damn will break. it may be when obama is well out of office where he could be stripped of his presidential retirement perks like salary and secret service protection.

by red steel [mar 24 2012]

let the neighbors of corrupt puppets like judge land, judge malihi, judge wright know, that they are corrupt and dirty. let their spouse feel embarrassed, that they are married to such dirty and corrupt individuals". we need people on the public sidewalks in front of the houses of the dirty sold out traitors, who sit on the election boards and allowed the usurper obama on the ballot and in the white house. let the family of this corrupt commissioner dumezich be embarrassed to be related to him, let his children be embarrassed to have such a corrupt scum for a father. we need the children of these corrupt commissioners in NH know, that they should be ashamed of their parents. same with all the other corrupt commissioners, corrupt congressmen, corrupt judges, secretaries of state and so on. until know there was no consequence for treason. now there is a consequence: a scarlet "T" for traitor.

... corrupt judges like nishimura, corrupt attorney general luie, corrupt deputy attorney general nagamine, director of health fuddy, registrar onaka are simply corrupt and treasonous and belong on the gallows for treason.

... now a corrupt fulton county judge cyntia wright ... this woman should be hanging from the gallows for high treason against the united states of america. same goes for corrupt judges clay d. land, royce lamberth, corrupt commissioners from the ballot law commission in new hampshire, corrupt commissioners of the elections law commission in indiana, corrupt attorney general eric holder, corrupt director of homeland security janet napolitano, corrupt congressmen, corrupt directors of news networks, who told their cameramen not to film the proceedings, not to report on high treaon and forgery and fraud in the white house ...

by orly taitz [mar 3 2012]

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