Saturday, February 21, 2009

certifigate: a scorecard

the following chart is reproduced from dr. conspiracy's ongoing obama conspiracy theories docket project, in which he hopes to catalogue all "lawsuits against barack obama or others alleging conspiracies about obama". his list is not exhaustive and i've omitted cases not posing an eligibility challenge.

thus far the the good doctor's eligibility portion of cases is up to 31, with 22 denials or dismissals. and contrary to what patriotic usurper-hating certifigaters want to tell themselves, successfully filing a application doesn't count as a win. they remain ever determined, however, to get their big vindicating victory in the courts, even if they have to roll their own.

berg v obama et alpa eastfdismisseddocuments
3rd circuit appealsffiledbrief fec
brief o dnc
berg v obamadc districtffiledsealed
brockhausen v andradedismissed
broe v reedwashing state supremesdismissedarticle
church of jesus christ christian aryan nations of missouri et al v obama et almo westffiledarticle
cohen v obamadismissed
connerat v browningdismissed
donofrio v wellsnjsdismissed
nj supreme courtsdenied
essek v obamaky eastfdismissedorder
gleeson v mcdonald et alndffiledofficial
hollister v soetorodcffiledarticle
o motion
motion op
hunter v obamadismissed
judy v mccaindismissed
kerchner et al v obama et alnjffiledcomplaint
amend 1
amend 2
keyes v bowensuperior court of casfiledpetition
keyes v lingledismissed
keyes et al v obama et alca centralffiledarticle
lightfoot v bowenscotusfdenied
morrow v obamafl miamiffiledprisoner
neely v obamami eastfdismissedcomplaint
roy v obamahifdismissedcomplaint
schneller v cortespa supreme courtsdeniedsummary
stamper v usdismissed
strunknys 29641-08s
strunknys 29642-08s
strunkny eastfdismissed
strunk2nd circuitfdenied
sullivan v marshalldismissed
terry v handeldenied
welch v mukasey et alnyfdismissed
wrotnowski v bysiewiczctsdismissedorder
"s/f" = state/federal.
"article" = published non-judicial comment.
"official" = plaintiff is suing the president in his official capacity.
"prisoner" = plaintiff is in prison suing the president in his official capacity.
see also the right side of life eligibility lawsuits page. cases with hyperlinks are from this source.
see also free republic list of cases.

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