Monday, January 04, 2010

buh bye blackwater

it's official: the welcome wagon has been retired:

the iraqi government is actively pursuing any former blackwater personnel still working in the country, spokesman ali al-dabbagh told CNN in an interview sunday.

"i don't think [the] iraqi government is willing to have any blackwater member, even if they are working in other companies, we don't like to see them here working in any company," al-dabbagh said. "instructions have been given to check if there is any blackwater member [in the country]. i advise him to leave iraq and not to stay in iraq anymore."

... officials are checking records in iraq's ministry of interior regarding blackwater — which is now known as xe — along with its related companies, subsidiaries or any members of the company working with other companies, al-dabbagh said. once that checking is complete, authorities will undertake whatever action is needed, he said.

he said he had not informed the U.S. embassy of these measures. "i don't think we need to consult any others," he said. "it is an iraqi prevailing law and we have to practice that law in our country."

something tells me this will probably work.

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