Monday, July 21, 2008

mccain's weekend

msnbc's domenico montanaro sums it up fairly accurately: (links mine)

mccain's rough weekend:

you know you had a problematic weekend when:

  1. one of your top economic advisers/surrogates finally steps down from the campaign after his “nation of whiners” remark;
  2. you get panned for breaking codel [congressional delegation] protocol/etiquette by announcing (incorrectly) at a fundraiser that your opponent is headed to iraq on friday or saturday;
  3. the prime minister of iraq tells a german magazine that he backs your opponent's plan for withdrawing troops from that country; and
  4. when the iraqi government tries to walk back that support, it does so unconvincingly.

meanwhile the gods of cable snafus swooped in for the cruel kill:

alex witt: ok, peter, i want you to take a listen to what john mccain said this weekend in his radio address, get you to react. peter, listen up ...

[cut to video of the joker from "the dark knight"]

... uhh well, actually that was, uhh ... the joker. so we’re not gonna go there. there’s no parallel there that we want to, uh, make any sort of, uhh ... you know where i’m going with that. that was bad.

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