Tuesday, October 27, 2009

who, us?

faux fox news' bill o'reilly and bernie goldberg seem to be having a hard time understanding all the fingers pointing at their network:


[time magazine's joe] klein writes, quote: "fox news peddles a fair amount of hateful crap. some of it borders on sedition. much of it is flat out untrue." unquote.

but even though he has plenty of space, klein fails to illustrate his point, providing no examples of what he says is untrue ...


who exactly at fox news is inciting a rebellion against the government?


this is just too easy.

keith? you wanna do the honors?

when another of the hannity faithful noted that armed insurrection and coups would be treason, someone else posted at hannity.com, quote: "only if the insurrection or coup fails."

sean "you might want to check if this constitutes incitement to treason" hannity: today's "worst person in the world"!

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