Sunday, June 01, 2008


passionate oaths nonwithstanding, i wouldn't advise mcsame™ to hold his breath for a massive clinton spoiler contingent come november:

walking up to the marriott, i kept waiting to encounter the huge protest. after all, the protest organizers were predicting a crowd of 10,000 (including the mccain and huckabee crew), but it's much, much, much smaller than [that] couple hundred, maybe. (and, maybe the other 9,700 protesters have arrived since i came inside the hotel.)
joe sudbay, americablog

and for anyone that thinks this is going to the convention in any meaningful way, look at the pathetically small size of the pro-clinton demonstrations outside the hotel in dc today. tens of thousands had been promised. a few hundred showed up. clinton’s convocatory power for those kinds of shenanigans is already done.

all these weeks of threats and tantrums have proved lame. and more evidence of that is coming in the next 72 hours.
al giordano, rural votes

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