Monday, June 01, 2009

the proper time and place

... for astounding hypocrisy.

yesterday, conservative commentator michelle malkin on the murder of dr. george tiller:

president obama is right about this: "however profound our differences as americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

unfortunately, some are not content to leave it at that for now. they fail to respect that there is a proper time and place to indulge in political battle.

... tiller's family is grieving. those who have jumped to score political points before tiller is even buried are no better than the phelps family thugs of the "westboro baptist church" who respect no bounds of civility.

unfortunately, it's too much to ask the cable news networks and hyper-partisan snipers on the internet to have the decency to restrain themselves.

prepare for a wall-to-wall onslaught of gleeful finger-pointing on the left and heated responses on the right.

today, conservative commentator michelle malkin on this morning's murder of a military recruiter and wounding of another:

i wonder if the justice department will send marshals to beef up protection at recruiting centers — especially given the past targeting of military centers on campuses and elsewhere across the country. too early to say anything about suspect, motives, etc. but these facts are worth bearing in mind:

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flashback: document drop: unclassified memo warns military personnel of anti-war threats to recruiters, army installations/facilities

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