Saturday, October 31, 2009

size matters ii

a fun amateur animation:

certifigate: from hero to zero, in under 60

birther "drkate", october 29, 10:19 am:

two judges
go tell it to the marines

all men are created equal, is not simply misunderstood words in our declaration of independence, used to push new and bigger social programs that have nothing to do with equality. it is a truth that we as americans hold dear, but the greater truth of these words is in their application. all people are created equal, but the greater truth is what they do between birth and death that not only defines a person but in the end determines their value to posterity. it is true for average people as it is such in the case of federal justices.

when one looks at two judges david carter and jerome simandle in the obama eligibility trials it is easy to see vast differences in them once you look past the black robes, even though they are equal in stature in the blind eyes of the law. in 1967 david carter had just graduated UCLA, and instead of continuing his education or applying for a commission in any of the armed services, a young david chose to be one of the few and the proud and enlisted in the united states marine corps. as a recipient of the bronze star and purple heart and a veteran of the battle of khe sahn, he left the marines not as a private but with the coveted mameluke sword, who’s origins go back to lieutenant o’bannon and the shores of tripoli.

jerome simandle graduated from princeton in 1971, vietnam was still a meat grinder, although during june of that year the political tide had decidedly turned against the war. while many young graduates in 1971 found themselves with no other option than to wait to see if their selective service number would be picked in the next lottery, simandle some how found the means to leave the united states for the neutral country of sweden. was simandle a "draft dodger?" it is hard to say what went through his mind. the better question about simandle should be is he a coward? in this, i can give an opinion and say without a doubt i think he is a coward.

i say simandle is a coward for his decision in the kerchner et al v. obama and congress decision of just a week ago. if we apply the words of chief justice marshall to simandle’s action we could also call him a traitor to the constitution.

... his country called on him twice in his life, and both times it appears jerome simandle ran away, with his head held high, but his tail between his legs. david carter had no doubts to his loyalty when his country called on him in 1967, he was a humble man who could have been commissioned an officer, but chose the mud filled boots of a grunt’s life instead of the clean sheets in a stockholm dormitory. obama and his minions now have a chance to tell his pitifully ever-changing nativity story to a marine, and me thinks that a true marine who knows where blood stripes comes from, really won’t give a rats ass for any pitiful excuse the DoJ may come up with. nor will any traitor find sympathy from a marine, as he would promptly show that traitor where in webster’s dictionary one can find sympathy in between that bodily excretion that sounds like a middle-eastern religion and that venereal disease al capone died of. now his country has called on him again, and i say "once a marine, always a marine" and judge carter will revert to lieutenant david o. carter and will charge to the sound of battle and not run away.

judge carter, by the grace of our Creator you and jerome simandle came into this world equal in your nakedness, but we have seen the difference in what you both have done with the time allotted to you by that same Creator. the annals of history and the hopes of our national posterity now rest on how decide to leave your mark on your judicial career, as a US marine or an internationalist traitor. my only wish is that you remember our motto, semper fidelis!

commenter "sparks", 10:59 am:

i'm guessing you are unaware that judge carter granted the motion to dismiss this morning.

"drkate", 11:01 am:

i was unaware of that. my god.

"drkate", 2:14 pm:

i guess he is an internationalist traitor then, and certainly a traitor to the constitution. he did not remember the oath.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

certifigate: from hero to zero

birthers, from july onwards, after learning that judge david o. carter, a former marine wounded and decorated in vietnam, had agreed to hear dentist-lawyer orly taitz' latest lawsuit against the kenyan usurper:

obama eligibility case will be heard on the merits !! please distribute everywhere.

at the hearing today at the federal court building in santa ana, judge carter reportedly said the following:

  1. there will be a trial.
  2. it will be heard on the merits.
  3. nothing will be dismissed on proceedural issues.
  4. the trial will be expeditious, and the judge pledged to give case priority.
  5. being a former marine he realizes the importance of having a constitutionally qualified POTUS/CINC.
  6. judge stated that if obama isn't constitutionally qualifed he needs to leave the white house.

from what i have read he served at khe sahn, bronze star, purple heart, somehow i don’t think this one will be sweep under the rug.

khe sahn vet, bronze star, purple heart and USMC. uh oh.

i met this judge once, at a marine funeral. he was an infantry officer with first Bn, 9th marine regiment in vietnam. he seemed like a good man when i met him, i guess that hasn’t changed. marvelous.

i believe that we have the judge we were looking for!

yes, i am beginning to agree. and, his resume sounds like a definite bonus.

i am sure some strategically placed federal stimulus money will take care of this judge.

nope. we know him. bit of a stoic not after money or position an y more, and tough vietnam era guy. still has lots of military friends including in afghanistan.

if we did not know him and his very positive mind sets and character traits we might also be having doubts.

i will be simply stunned speechless if this judge provides a ruling that opposes the ruling looters.

never underestimate a former marine.

oh, and did i mention he's a marine?

♦ ♦ ♦

semper fi, judge. be sure to look all six ways before crossing the street.

the judge better have a food taster, a remote car starter, several private body guards, and a lucky rabbit’s foot or two. this is the chicago thugocracy he is dealing with.

i just hope the judge is armed and wearing a kevlar vest. obama may just order him taken out.

he has faced all that general giap, PAVN, could through at him. i doubt any long legged chicago mack daddy is going to intimidate him, or that weasel holder either.

i do not think judge carter will be intimidated after he fought and was wounded at khe sahn. a punk kenyan is not going to scare him.

i doubt judge carter fought and almost died at khe sahn to watch an islamo-usurper illegal alien take over in a coup.

what is it going to take to get this thing heard?

not to worry, there is a certain U.S. district judge ( a marine ) in santa ana, CA who has already set for hearing: cook vs. obama.

i expect the judge to rule, "president obama, i need to see your birth certificate." BIG SMILE

oh, and did i mention he's a marine?

♦ ♦ ♦

birthers, yesterday, after learning that judge david o. carter, a decorated former marine, granted the usurper's motion to dismiss their case:

i’m no lawyer, but it looks like the judge has been had. he granted the motion to dismiss the suit against zer0. he stated that over 69 million people wanted the usurper and he wouldn’t overthrow him. in saying so, he is also saying that the constitution is no longer in effect.

if he stated that the voters trump the constitution (in effect), then he’s not the upright jurist everyone was saying. mob rule.

this court will not interfere in internal military affairs nor be used as a tool by military officers to avoid deployment. the court has a word for such a refusal to follow the orders of the president of the united states, but it will leave the issue to the military to resolve.

guess that’s the marine in judge carter speaking.

so, terrorists and illegal aliens have standing, but citizens, candidates for president, and military personnel do not...

f*ck you, carter.

obama phonesgt carter

sounds like judge carter was more of a political patsy than a marine. bet the obama admin found out everything that was in carter’s closet...must be some underage boys somewhere

carter, who was appointed to the federal bench in 1998 by president bill clinton

says it all.

court judge david carter is a clinton hoe kisser so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

carter has no honor.

i called judge carter & told him he was a coward and he left his military friends in the dark.

david o. carter was a marine once. now he is hussein’s little b**ch.


you have sold your soul to the devil and our country to the communist-marxist regime of barrack hussein obama ...

you have failed miserably to honor your oath to protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. you are not a marine. you abandoned your code of conduct. you are a disgrace to the great name, MARINE! you have enlisted in the army of obama.

may your cowardly actions haunt you when you awaken in the morning and look yourself in the mirror. may your wife and family be ashamed of you. may you remember your cowardly actions and false statements when you see a baby and think of the millions who will be murdered by abortionists while "we the people" pay for it....

you are not a man; you are a worm. you caved in under pressure. you failed your troops. you let your men down. you have to live with your dishonesty and cowardice. the Lord will judge you harshly for what you have done. there is a judgment day coming for you that you should be terrified of. when you stand before the Judge of All Men, you will have no plea bargain, no extenuating circumstances and no witnesses on your behalf. you are guilty of treason against the Constitution, the United States of America and the People. you are a co-conspirator of the worst sort — a coward. may the caring, patriotic citizens of america spit in your face.

oh, i just don't get it ... didn't somebody once mention this guy was a marine?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

who, us?

faux fox news' bill o'reilly and bernie goldberg seem to be having a hard time understanding all the fingers pointing at their network:


[time magazine's joe] klein writes, quote: "fox news peddles a fair amount of hateful crap. some of it borders on sedition. much of it is flat out untrue." unquote.

but even though he has plenty of space, klein fails to illustrate his point, providing no examples of what he says is untrue ...


who exactly at fox news is inciting a rebellion against the government?


this is just too easy.

keith? you wanna do the honors?

when another of the hannity faithful noted that armed insurrection and coups would be treason, someone else posted at, quote: "only if the insurrection or coup fails."

sean "you might want to check if this constitutes incitement to treason" hannity: today's "worst person in the world"!

Friday, October 23, 2009

the li'l engine that couldn't

welcome back, "trek wars" fans! i trust that my last rant, the first of three on science fiction's three biggest fictions (intergalactic relations, space travel and time travel), didn't leave you too demoralized, despite my sincere efforts to do exactly that. after all, we live among a potentially exciting galactic club with 100 million potential members, so it's a little shocking that nobody can actually get in the door. talk about "talk to the hand!"

the problem, of course, is that everyone's too damn far away, nobody's got wheels and half the hood's underage anyway. sending out the invites alone, traveling at the speed of light, would take 15,000 years just to get to our first date. if we're lucky. forget about rsvps.

but what about faster-than-light travel? what about "warp drive"? after all, everyone knows nobody walks in l.a.!

well, it's certainly the most popular and most seriously considered way to roll: all you have to do is create a "warp bubble" around your ship that allows it to compress space ahead of it and expand space behind it, exactly the way it's shown in the "next generation" intro.

so ... just exactly how does one create a warp bubble?

... crickets ...

or in more clinical terms:

no scheme that may allow travel at warp velocity has yet been devised that has also been accepted by mainstream science.... they give no knowledge as to how a warp bubble might actually be established.

an approach that may be facilitated by our present level of technological advancement has yet to be proposed.

but figuring it out is just a matter of time, amirite?

*if only* ...

by manipulating the extra spatial dimensions of string theory around a spaceship with an extremely large [translation: ginormous] amount of energy, it would create a "bubble" that could cause the ship to travel faster than the speed of light.

the energy requirements for some warp drives may be absurdly gigantic, e.g. the energy equivalent of 1067 grams might be required to transport a small spaceship across the milky way galaxy. this is orders of magnitude greater than the mass of the universe.

we know gravity warps space, as demonstrated by the bending of light around our sun. unfortunately, even the sun, whose gravitational binding energy is measured (in joules) by a six-comma-whatever-whatever followed by 39 zeroes, manages to deflect light only one quarter of a thousandth of a degree, which should give everybody a gobsmacking clue to the scale of the ginormous (there's that word again!) additional forces needed to generate the amount of warping needed to make our "warp bubble", a bubble powerful enough to compress 15,000 light years of space into a weekend jaunt! all we need is a warp engine capable of doing the work of a ginormous number of suns!

but hey, we'll have the most powerful fuel available in the universe — antimatter — feeding the engines, amirite?

again, sorry to disappoint; antimatter's powerful, no doubt ... but it should be obvious by now that it just doesn't have the bang we need. it's the law of diminishing returns, folks. we got the biggest bang for our buck sixty years ago when we figured out fission and fusion. compared to chemical energy, nuclear energy outperforms it by up to six orders of magnitude. but antimatter outperforms nuclear energy by only four orders of magnitude, not nearly ginormous enough to turn a one megaton ship into the gravitational energy-equivalent of a thousand suns. that's like an ant producing the power of a freight train!

and to the suffering bowels of the budget-conscious, antimatter does tend to give the bean counters indigestion:

antimatter is said to be the most costly substance in existence, with an estimated cost of $25 billion per gram for positrons, and $62.5 trillion per gram for antihydrogen. this is because production is difficult (only a few antiprotons are produced in reactions in particle accelerators), and because there is higher demand for the other uses of particle accelerators. according to CERN, it has cost a few hundred million swiss francs to produce about 1 billionth of a gram (the amount used so far for particle/antiparticle collisions).

... which, with no way to store it, tends to make it a little hard to come by:

assuming an optimal conversion of antiprotons to antihydrogen, it would take two billion years to produce 1 gram or 1 mole of antihydrogen ...

but "trek wars" fanboys and fangirls needn't succumb to dispair. the situation is actually quite encouraging if we can apply moore's law to problem: by doubling the production rate every two years, we'll have our first gram in only 60 years. in just another twenty years after that, we'll finally have our first kilo of the most expensive fuel ever pumped, and just in time for the machines to wipe us out.

next rant: time travel.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

35 days ago

quote of the day

from the land of the free:

you might be orly taitz if ...

... you don't immediately nuke the latest jen-yoo-wine smoking gun kenyan birth certificate to slither out of your inbox.

Monday, October 19, 2009

size matters

ok, i'm calling bullshit on this story about spoilsports from the future screwing with our expensive new supercollider ... because production delays never happen to big projects. riiiight. talk about your lame excuses for failure!

now, i don't really need to call bs on this story in particular, since the reporter, who describes the storytellers as "otherwise distinguished physicists", sounds like he's already serving up his article on a platter of tongue, stuffed delicately in cheek.

still, it's shameless headline-grabbing stories like these, often the bastard child of some scientist's impish poke-in-the-eye and some journalist's laziness and gullibility, that continue to warp john and jane q. walmart's already rudimentary understanding of just what is and isn't possible in this universe. they've been left fat, lazy and loopy by a steady diet of star trek and star wars.

now don't get me wrong: i'm a huge fan of "trek wars" and science fiction in general (you should see my library) and i wouldn't be the armchair geek i am without their inspiration. on the other hand, i'm also a big fan of superhero comics. but the same folks who can generally grok that humans can't fly or deflect bullets or shoot lasers from their eyes, will tell you with no effort of thought that they believe the three great fictions of modern sci-fi: that aliens have or will visit the earth; that we'll return the courtesy after figuring out faster-than-light travel; that time-travel into the past is possible.

each of these fictions has already consumed more ink than i can practically devote to them, so i'm going to keep things short and sweet. today's rant covers alien races. there'll be no messy details, math, no greek and no quiz. i just want certain hard realities to sink in for once.

in the colorful dramasphere "trek wars" inhabits, the universe is as crowded as calcutta with intelligent races. here's a poem i once read in the philly weekly many years ago:

the only
we like
are the ones
on star trek
they all

— martin espada, "gov. wilson of ca talks in his sleep"

ok, it's obvious that's a joke, but still, it's a big universe, right? we can't be the only ones here, can we?

most likely not. the ginormous size of the universe, its ginormous age and the ginormous number of stars in it make it pretty hard to argue against the universe performing multiple encores. in our own galaxy, one among 100 billion galaxies, people paid to study these things estimate 100 million suns like our own, which is considered pretty run-of-the-mill in size and age. that's 100 million rolls of the dice, which we know already hit the jackpot at least once. we're likely surrounded by extraterrestrials.

but there's a catch. (you knew there'd be a catch, didn't you?)

alas, the very same factors which make alien neighbors a virtual certainty — the ginormous size and age of the universe — make it impossible for any of us to ever meet. most folks hear the numbers and dumbly acknowledge them without attempting to truly appreciate their ginormous scale. others, like young earth creationists, simply refuse to accept them. the numbers are stupefying and, like a curt cabbie, they simply drop our tiny brains off with a terse "end o' the line, mac". creationists jumped out the ride after only 6,000 years.

in our own galaxy, those 100 million candidate suns are on average about 15,000 light years apart. we're about one million light years from our nearest neighboring galaxies and everybody's moving even further apart due to the continued expansion of the universe. these distances are inconceivably vast, beyond even the paid imaginations of the writers of "trek wars", who would have viewers believe that texting between the stars will be no more inconvenient than picking up your communicator and that traveling between them no more inconvenient than shuttling from boston to burbank.

but it's not so much a problem that the universe is "too big" per se: the real problem is that our lives are waaay too short! to appreciate the dilemma from a different perspective, consider the lowly housefly. it lives only a few weeks — what's the likelihood that a boston fly will ever meet a burbank fly, especially if neither knows the other exists or quite where to look? it's the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack — times gazillion! and even if both knew where to go, they'd be dead long before they could meet even halfway.

oh, and did i point out the ginormous age of the universe? 14 billions years and counting makes it unlikely that the lifespans of different alien civilizations will overlap during a period when they might be capable of communicating with each other. with your nearest neighbor just 15,000 light years away, you'll have to wait only 30,000 years for a reply. talk about a dull conversation!

remember, in the 4 billion years that life has thrived on earth, 3 billion of that stretch of time was dominated by mute, deaf and blind one-celled microbes, and of the last billion, over 99.99% had to elapse before we became capable of sending signals, much less leaving the planet. if earthlings are typical of the intelligent races in the galaxy, the law of averages eliminates half our prospective neighbors as too young to join the "trek wars" fan club, since they're still too busy pulling themselves out of the ooze. and the other half, sadly, may already be dead.

next rant: space travel

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

failmonger fail

mr. "i hope obama fails" ... fails:

NFL commissioner roger goodell failed to offer support of rush limbaugh’s bid to buy the rams on tuesday and said the talk-show host’s ‘divisive comments’ would not be welcome in the league.

shipment of fail

Monday, October 12, 2009

one nation under ...

the original christian fantasy:

the vastly improved noodly reality:

without a doubt, cthulhu's greatest trick was convincing the world that god exists ...

this week in birther history

dateline: december 22, 1944
scene: bastogne, belgium

to the USA commander of the encircled town of bastogne:

the fortune of war is changing. this time the USA forces in and near bastogne have been encircled by strong german armored units. more german armored units have crossed the river our near ortheuville, have taken marche and reached st. hubert by passing through hompre-sibret-tillet. libramont is in german hands.

there is only one possibility to save the encircled USA troops from total annihilation: that is the honorable surrender of the encircled town. in order to think it over a term of two hours will be granted beginning with the presentation of this note.

if this proposal should be rejected one german artillery corps and six heavy A. A. battalions are ready to annihilate the USA troops in and near bastogne. the order for firing will be given immediately after this two hours term.

all the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known american humanity.

the german commander.

the terse response of the US commander, general anthony c. mcauliffe, became one of the most famous retorts in history:

to the german commander:


the american commander

from wikipedia:

according to various accounts from those present, when mcauliffe was told of the german demand for surrender he said "aw, nuts". at a loss for an official reply, lt. col. harry kinnard suggested that his first remark summed the situation up well, which was agreed to by the others. the official reply ... was typed and delivered by colonel joseph harper, commanding the 327th glider infantry, and his s-3 major jones to the german delegation. harper had to explain the meaning of the word to the germans, telling them that in "plain english" it meant "go to hell."

the 101st was able to hold off the german assault until the 4th armored division arrived to provide reinforcement but the town was regained the next day due to the reinforcements. for his actions at bastogne, mcauliffe was awarded the distinguished service cross by general patton on december 30, 1944, followed later by the distinguished service medal.

♦ ♦ ♦

fast forward to present day santa ana, california.

dentist-lawyer orly taitz, "our lady of liberty" and reigning queen of the birthers, got another day in court last week, in her ongoing war against the marxist kenyan usurper. after some dramatic courtroom theatrics, a routine clerical update is added to the case record ...

date: october 5, 2009

on september 8, 2009, the court previously set tentative case management dates. the court now orders those dates be made final.

case management dates are as follows:

motion for summary judgment hearing december 7, 2009, at 8:30 a.m.

file motion for summary judgment november 16, 2009

opposition to motion for summary judgment november 26, 2009

reply to motion for summary judgment november 30, 2009

final pretrial conference january 11, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

jury trial january 26, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

taitz and company wasted little time in pouncing on their latest procedural "victory" ...

the implication of the court’s order finalizing the dates is obvious: you do not finalize dates unless there will be a trial. and there would not be a trial, unless the motion to dismiss requested by the defense was in whole or in part DENIED!

thus, an ultimatum was delivered to the enemy ...

from: charles lincoln
sent: wednesday, october 07, 2009 11:11 am
to: dejute, david (USACAC); west, roger (USACAC)
subject: dr. taitz seeks stipulation re: discovery.

dear messers dejute & west:

dr. taitz has asked me to ask you whether you are willing to stipulate that, now that the scheduling order has been made final, rather than moot, that it is now time for us to begin discovery. we need to start sending out notices of deposition duces tecum to parties and subpoenas duces tecum to non-parties. the judge specifically said that the scheduling order would only be important if the case were going to go forward, and he seems to have spoken on this point.

charles e. lincoln, research associate & law clerk for dr. taitz, esq., attorney for the plaintiffs.

deo vindice
"may the lord god be with you, and with thy spirit!"
charles e. lincoln, III
spiritual patriot
tierra limpia

to which obama defense attorney roger west responded — in a proceeding already marked by many a strange milestone:

von: west, roger (USACAC)
an: charles lincoln
datum: mittwoch, den 7. oktober 2009, 11:31:18 uhr
betreff: re: dr. taitz seeks stipulation re: discovery.


and like the german commander at bastogne, it appears taitz and company were in need of some translation assistance (as well as a funnybone transplant):

from: charles lincoln
sent: wednesday, october 07, 2009 12:11 pm
to: west, roger (USACAC)
cc: dr. orly taitz
subject: aw: dr. taitz seeks stipulation re: discovery.

dear mr. west:
unless you can provide us with a more thoughtful answer and analysis of the situation, or can you ask mr. dejute to do so, we will report your laconic response below to judge carter as the full and final statement of the united states' well-considered position in this case.

deo vindice
"may the lord god be with you, and with thy spirit!"
charles e. lincoln, III
spiritual patriot
tierra limpia

von: west, roger (USACAC)
an: charles lincoln
datum: mittwoch, den 7. oktober 2009, 12:17:38 uhr
betreff: re: dr. taitz seeks stipulation re: discovery.

you are obviously not a student of military history. because you appear confused, let me be clear. per judge carter’s order, discovery is stayed in this case. we will not agree to any discovery in this case at this time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


just something google found:

they even managed to spell it right.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

must see teevee

franken fries flunkie: