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well, i don't know about your weekend, but mine certainly lived up to all its hype. it was an absolutely perfect weekend for popcorn and freeper-watching ...

... easily the best since the election. on friday in "the supremes and the certificate" we got to see the hopes and dreams of all freeperville swell to symphonic heights as news of a dismissal of leo donofrio's supreme court application regarding president-elect obama's eligibility for office was not forthcoming, and for that day no news was indeed good news.

on sunday in "still room under the bus" we got to watch the long knives come out for campus thought-cop david horowitz, who penned a diatribe against "obama derangement syndrone" and urged his fellow conservatives to "shut up about the birth certificate". i don't think all his remains have been found and it doesn't sound like he'll be missed.

finally, on monday in "denied w/o comment" we got to see the whole sideshow come crashing down, as expected. quite honestly, for a club that worships manliness in all its most hyper-stereotyped forms, they certainly do love tearing up the aisles in their finest drama gowns.

so having just watched the summary disposal of first application for an audience before the supremes, what's left for a committed patriot to do in order to prevent a marxist communist muslim terrorist from turning the country into a caliphate forestall an impending constitutional crisis?

strategize, strategize, strategize!

this post at hardcore right-wing blog free republic pretty much speaks for itself [emphases mine]:

i met with my family attorney today for 3 hours to discuss family issues. the last 30 minutes he discussed the obama lawsuits. he is approximately 60 years old and has been practicing law full time for over 30 years.

he said that, despite popular opinions, the supreme court are not a group of predominantly liberal justices. in is opinion, the problem with the lawsuits is that if they reject the first one or two suits (donofrio and berg, for example) based on an unclear definition of what constitutes a "natural born citizen", then the precedent will established to dismiss future cases addressing the same point as the major thrust of their case.

so i have been WRACKING my brain trying to determine what would make a case with an alternate motive that might be considered worthy of a court hearing since the current ones are being denied and getting EXTREMELY critical reviews from the mass media.

i am not an attorney so my propositions set forth are just rudimentary ideas and ideally "viable" alternatives.

can someone make a case that barack obama is NOT the legal name of the representative the democratic national committee has nominated as their presidential candidate ?

by definition, nominate itself has its etymological derivation from the latin word for name ( nominatus, from nomin, nomen name )

basically, if the dnc has not fully verifying the legal name of their elected nominee, dnc could be guilty of falsely promoting a candidate with an illegal name.

can this be a form of "misrepresentation" — or "fraud" or "aiding and abetting" in promoting an illegal candidate. can they be liable for such a claim ? can they at least be indicted for this ?

most legal scholars familiar with these cases (including berg and many others) seem to agree that barry soetoro is mr. obama's "REAL, LEGAL" name !

many suspect that the reason all of the "unavailable" records of mr. obama's past are because he attended college as a foreign student ! didn't college affiliates refer to him as barry soetoro ?

ALL of hidden records might be hiding the same thing ! His REAL NAME !

  1. occidental college records - not released
  2. columbia college records - not released
  3. columbia thesis paper - not available
  4. harvard college records - not released
  5. selective service registration - not released
  6. medical records - not released
  7. illinois state senate schedule - not available
  8. your illinois state senate records - not available
  9. certified copy of original birth certificate - not released
  10. embossed, signed paper certification of live birth - not released
  11. any articles you published as editor of the harvard law review, or as a professor at the university of chicago - not available.

can the question of his TRUE identity be used as an alternate argument for a lawsuit to get the court to order his birth certificate, hidden passports, and ideally, the additional records listed above ?

didn't mr. obama sign an application to take the bar exam affirming that he has no other name other than "barack obama" ? or is this another SEALED document ?

if no charge is made other than to VERIFY mr. obama's name, perhaps the courts would look more favorably on an application like this as opposed to one that is demanding and insisting that he is constitutionally unqualified to be our president. and if a case like this is heard, then others can argue as to citizenship later, or possibly claim that a 740 million dollar campaign was based on FRAUDULENT information.

instead of suing obama, can one elect to sue nancy pelosi ? she is the one who signed a certification that mr. obama was qualified to run for president ?

can one make the case that she is liable for proving his constitutional eligibility ?

i just cannot imagine that NOT ONE hospital or facility in hawaii can verify that mr. obama was born ANYWHERE in hawaii and ALL of the democrats (along with the mass media) are accusing the plaintiffs of these cases as 'chasing the wind' ! KILLS ME !

can one sue nancy pelosi and insist that she MUST supply the name of the hospital or facility where mr. obama was delivered, and in the event of her inability to prove such, then the real birth certificate would have to ordered by the court as evidence ?

can either the unverifiable name of the candidate or the lack of evidence of hawaii being his birthplace be used as grounds that a "misuse of campaign funds" is in question ? there are laws that govern both the acceptance and use of campaign funds and if there is evidence that these funds were misused, maybe the dnc would be liable to answer to such claims ?

reading and hearing these UNFAVORABLE reviews in the news is BEYOND DISHEARTENING ! i think we are in need of alternate ideas to reach our objective....THE TRUTH !

this is a quote from an ap article from december 8, 2008:

"at least one other appeal over obama's citizenship remains at the court. philip j. berg of lafayette hill, pa., argues that obama was born in kenya, not hawaii as obama says and the hawaii secretary of state has confirmed."
did the hawaiian s of s actually confirm this ? or is this a misquote? i would think this would be 'breaking news' if it were true.

one last comment, did ANYONE ever see the "backstage" footage from 2004 keyes-obama debate that was posted (and shortly removed) on YOUTUBE where obama allegedly answered keyes question on his citizenship with "that's ok, i am running for senator, not for president" ! this is not in any transcripts nor in the tv footage, but was recorded by a private individual off the main camera set. if anyone has seen this, they might be able to retrieve it on their computer via the "RESTORE" or "GO BACK" feature. It would be a CRUCIAL piece of evidence.


ugh — i would hate to be stuck inside this person's poor skull, with all that cramped, clammy, restless squirming gray matter flopping about all over itself like a slimy knot of vipers. and like the infernal itching coming out of that cesspit of stupid, having to face the too-quickly-approaching-reality of a president and commander-in-chief barack-you're-driving-me-HOOSSAYN-obama in-the-white-house-and-my-paper-and-on-my-tv for the next oh-please-god-don't-let-it-be-eight-whole-friggin-years ... it is an itch in a place that cannot be scratched.

still, as evidenced by the — let's say "restrained" — level of enthusiasm for continuing to fight the good fight, monday's rejection of the donofrio application seems to have broken the fever over legitimacy challenges that gripped freeperville over the past weekend:

won’t catch anything with the bate your using.....

maybe we should stop trying to sue our way to elected office? just a thought.

well, it adds up to the notion that marxist obama is certainly hiding SOMETHING!

i tend to think that given all the terrorists and criminals that obama chose (and currently chooses) to hang around with, that someone might feel (rightly or wrongly) in some sort of jeopardy, and flip.

i freely admit that this might be wishful thinking on my part.

sheesh. go judge shopping, find an activist court, sue till you get your way. no thanks.

if i don’t get my pie I’m going to sue him for that.

i'll let ernest thayer take it from here:

"oh, somewhere in this favored land
the sun is shining bright;
the band is playing somewhere
and somewhere hearts are light,
and somewhere men are laughing
and somewhere children shout;
but there is no joy in mudville
mighty casey has struck out."

* ianal: netspeak for "i am not a lawyer."

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