Friday, April 27, 2007


it's been an eventful week ...

(photo-edit by dave hill)

deputy secretary of state randall tobias resigns
... one day after confirming to abc news that he had been a customer of a washington, d.c. escort service whose owner has been charged by federal prosecutors with running a prostitution operation.

the married tobias had used his diplomatic perch as a vocal international proponent of abstinence and monogamy as well as anti-prostitution over condoms ...

deputy chief of staff robert coughlin of the justice department's criminal division resigns
... after coming under scrutiny in the department’s expanding investigation of convicted super-lobbyist jack abramoff.

former justice department director of public affairs monica goodling subpoenaed
... by the house judiciary committee and offered immunity for her testimony into the u.s. attorney scandal. according to dismissed new mexico u.s. attorney david iglesias, goodling holds, as the doj liaison to the white house (see: rove, karl), "the keys to the kingdom."

rep. john doolittle (r-ca) resigns from the house appropriations committee
... after fbi agents raided his house as part of a congressional influence-peddling investigation (see: cunningham, duke et abramoff, jack). just three days earlier former doolittle aide kevin ring resigned from his lobbying firm.

"ring seems poised to follow the path of other aides who've pled guilty in the abramoff scandal — pleading guilty to lesser charges in return for delivering their former bosses to investigators."

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