Sunday, January 24, 2010

stir crazy

nsfw, but srsly, wtfaydawosn?

richard pryor:

i've always said the black man been fucked over, y'know: "the revolution ... muddafukkin whitey ... we gotta go to [unintelligible] ... nice people just gettina bad break" ...

and i was there for six weeks [at arizona state prison filming "stir crazy" with gene wilder] and i talked to some of the brothers there ...

[catches breath]

... thank god we got penitentiaries!

chris rock:

if i had a choice right now between the electric chair or tossin' a salad, i'd be like: "so where ya plug it in?" "shouldn't i be wet?"

rick reynolds:

eventually we're led into this big gymnasium, like your high school gym. four sets of bleachers pulled out, little stage in front of 'em. bleachers packed with about 800 pissed off guys in blue denim. as soon as they see us, it is like a scene from a bad prison movie.

they started whistling and catcalling and yelling: "bend over!" "whoo-woo!" "fresh meat!"

apparently it was mating season in prison.

what the f*ck are you doing at work on sunday night?

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