Saturday, March 04, 2006

the new republicans: a taxonomy

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glenn greenwald's recent examination of president bush's supporters has gotten a lot of well-deserved attention on both the left and right wings of the blogosphere. some commenters have noted that glenn's characterization of bush's supporters fails to account for other bases or wellsprings of bush support, i.e., lust for power, wealth, etc., but i don't believe that glenn was attempting to be all-inclusive.

to that end i've assembled a brief taxonomy of the different species of bush supporter that i've observed. note that these classifications are not meant to be exhaustive or mutually exclusive; many republicans will fit easily into multiple categories. ultimately, there may be as many reasons rationalizations for supporting bush as there are bush supporters.

afterthought: anyone taking bets on how long before some snarky right-winger posts their own democratic taxonomy?

the new republicans: a taxonomy

1) republicanus cultus

idolizes bush; disdains criticism and dissent of bush; will support any act of bush and entertain any justification of his actions. example: pat roberts

2) republicanus potentia

seeks power; will support any act and entertain any justification that may increase or perpetuate their hold on power. example: tom delay

3) republicanus pecuniosus

seeks wealth; will support any act and entertain any justification that may increase or perpetuate their fortunes. example: ken lay

4) republicanus bellicosus

loves force; disdains diplomacy and dissent; will wield force as an all-purpose tool towards achieving their goals, as opposed to a means of last resort. example: charles krauthammer

5) republicanus imperiosus

loves being number one; will not accept second place or share power; will not rest as long as any other power exists to thwart republican political supremacy or american international hegemony. example: john bolton

6) republicanus fundamentalis

loves righteousness; disdains tolerance; will not rest until all others either submit to their moral yardstick or are annihilated. example: james dobson

7) republicana contraria

hates liberals; will support any act and entertain any justification that may offend liberals; will categorically denounce any statement made by a liberal; will denounce as "liberal" anyone or any statement that criticizes or contradicts them. example: ann coulter

8) republicanus oportunitas

a grab-bag of special interests; not staunch republicans, but will take advantage of any opportunity to further their own causes, which in the current political climate means supporting republicans. example: lobbyists

9) republicanus goldwaterus

respects traditional conservative principles; respects rule of law; disdains waste and adventurism; now becoming increasingly disillusioned with bush; sadly, a dying breed. example: bob barr

10) republicanus democratus

a wolf in sheep's clothing and/or judas goat; may fit within any of the other categories; registered or professed democrat. example: joe lieberman


  1. Followed the Just Updated link when I saw "Glad You Asked" title scroll up the blogger index. (Our family newsletter used to have an editorial section my husband named, "Nobody asked me, but..." ;)

    Thought at first some evil was afoot! To be delivered unto a blog touting rove's genius. Upon closer inspection ...whew!

    what rot, indeed! Funny that's the exact message I thought of leaving on #4's email link after reading his latest blek in the newspaper.

  2. thanks for commenting -- as you can see this blog is still soaking wet behind the ears. so far i've just collected some of my posts from other blogs; i thought it was time to put them up on my own.

    yes, rove -- super-genius indeed. it still suprises me how many people believe this. actually i'm not at all surprised that republicans might believe this -- but it is a little dismaying to hear it coming from those whom we're counting on in the struggle against him and his ilk.