Saturday, January 16, 2010

in what respect, charlie?

guilty as sin but free as a bird, rapper r. kelly opines (in sep. 2008) on his taste in girls women and the justice system.

the interviewer's double-take when kelly asks "how old are you talkin'?" is priceless: it is the look of a man who realizes he's talking to, if not a complete moron, then a man who has failed to grasp the meaning of his predicament.

BET: do you like teenage girls?
kelly: [after a pause] when you say teenage, how old are you talkin'?
BET: girls who are ... teenagers.
kelly: 19?
BET: 19 ... and younger.
kelly: i have some 19-year-old friends ...

kelly: if you was charged with something, and you were found innocent ... then you can't be found guilty, for being found innocent.

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