Friday, August 07, 2009


the creator of oh-too-gullible obama-skeptic orly taitz' kenyan birth certificate steps forward (anonymously, of course).

fine cotton business paper: $11

inkjet printer: $35

1940 royal model KMM manual typewriter: $10

2 shilling coin: $1

pilot varsity fountain pen: $3

punkin' the birthers: priceless

some birthers are calling "hoax!" on the hoax. they claim that the bomford certificate (the template for the orly's fake) is in fact the real fake, fiendishly copied from orly's original.

the only problem with that claim is that orly never had the original, as she admitted in her court filing:

the undersigned counsel for plaintiffs has acquired possession of a color copy of one certain document (attached as exhibit A to this motion), regarding which there are no ready means of authentication except by recovery of the original document.

orly taitz kenyan birth certificate

orly submitted only a low-resolution jpeg image in her filing. and, as this new set of high-resolution images shows, no photoshop hoaxer on earth could have produced such pretty documents and images, matched down to the background details, from orly's lowly p-o-s.

and to put a bow on the whole pathetic episode, the court, for reasons of orly's usual talent for not following procedure, has decided not to even look at her document:

08/06/2009 35 ORDER by magistrate judge arthur nakazato: the documents listed below were improperly filed for the following reasons: lacks proper notice; improper form and format; counsel failed to identify her cal. state bar no.; description of motion conflicts or differs from that which counsel entered on court's e-docket; therefore, the following document(s) shall be stricken from the record and shall not be considered by the court: MOTION to expedite authentication MOTION for issuance of letters rogatory for authenticity of kenyan birth certificate

knowing how adorably persistent the queen bee of birfistan can be, we can expect her to refile it. if she does, however, she'll be living in a whole new world of hurt, since it is not-unsurprisingly illegal to knowingly submit fraudulent documents to court — at least without admitting up front that they're fraudulent.

since there seems to be no bottom to this well of entertainment the birthers have been steadily providing for a year now, i say, please — go for it, orly!

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