Saturday, July 24, 2010

love doesn't last forever

i've been feeling under the weather of late, so of course i'm reminded of this playful 1986 knockoff by soon-to-be comics-to-film crossover heavyweight alan moore and underground artist rick veitch (who was recently featured in my post "bp 2050"), which was originally printed in the farewell issue of marvel comics' first color magazine, the short-lived epic illustrated.

how veitch finagled auteur of the outré john waters into an uncredited feature role and tall thin duke david bowie for the musical arrangements, we can only guess ...

(story by alan moore and art by rick veitch)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am jotting down ideas for an SF story and suddenly thought of this old story, so I went scouring the internet to find it, and ended up here. Great site.

    I remember this story blowing my mind as a kid. (along with Rick Veitch's Ghost In The Machine from another issue of Epic) I haven't seen this since the mid 80s and I only remembered a few images (the David Bowie dice record, Milbur's disease ridden body.) I had forgotten key elements of the story. And I sure as heck didn't realize then who the writer was. This is awesome. Thanks.


  2. you're very welcome -- and you're one of the reasons i like digging up this great old stuff. glad to help.