Saturday, February 09, 2008

aarrgghhz carz

my garmin nüvi gps device custom vehicle icons, which i introduced in the posts "chicks dig the car" and "more cars that chicks dig", are now available in one convenient download:

NOTICE: these custom icons that i make freely available are not for resale!

1940s batmobile:

nuvi batmobile (1940s)

1950s batmobile:

nuvi batmobile (1950s)

2005 "tumbler" batmobile:


1967 "speed racer" mach 5:

mach 5

with great icons comes great responsibility, so remember, drive wisely.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for making these and making them freely available!

  2. These icons are great! Way better than the default icons that come with a nuvi!

  3. These are amazing! Do you take requests? I'm too much of a Photoshop noob to be successful @ my feeble attempts...

  4. wow! cool!

    i hope you can make a white vintage volkswagen beetle with a ragtop for garmin! droool!!

  5. is there any way we could commission you to make one of our favorite car? :D

  6. "is there any way we could commission you to make one of our favorite car? :D"tell me more ...

  7. i guess u could prepare the icon and let us pay a few bucoks for the commissioned ones. meka made payable via PayPal for example.


    PS i own a XK8 Jag, coupé, carnival red ;-)

  8. I know it's kind of a lowball figure, but I'd pay $20 for a red 1996 Volvo 850 Turbo Sedan (with spoiler/sunroof)
    (the 2nd one looks most like mine)

  9. i appreciate the interest, folks, but i'm unofficially retired from making vehicle icons. it's unofficial because i may make more but realistically i don't know when that'll happen in the indefinite future.

    there really isn't a nominal sum that a normal person would offer that could make it worth anyone's time (of course, any abnormal person with money to burn shouldn't be afraid to speak up!), which is why garmin doesn't sell them or make them on commission. so one might as well give them away for free. i've been making these strictly for my own amusement, and for now, i just haven't had the time to make more.