Tuesday, April 01, 2008

all that's missing is the dilithium

the latest additions to the garmin nüvi gps custom vehicle icon fleet: star trek shuttlecraft.

the set of 3d models this line-up is based on comes courtesy of the generous community at foundation3d. only their original series shuttlecraft galileo — which unfortunately wasn't very accurate — needed substantial overhauling.

my rebuild was aided by the massive and fascinating image library at the model builders' reference vault, which includes shocking photos of the original shuttle's sad trailer park existence (much like series star william shatner's fate when the series folded) before it was reportedly purchased and completely restored (again, much like shatner when the franchise came back to life):

trailer park shuttlecraft galileo

all shuttlecraft are available in one convenient download:

NOTICE: these custom icons that i make freely available are not for resale!

original series galileo shuttle:

nüvi shuttlecraft galileo

the next generation type 15 shuttle:

nüvi shuttlecraft type 15

the next generation type 17 shuttle:

nüvi shuttlecraft type 17

the next generation type 6 shuttle:

nüvi shuttlecraft type 6

previously posted custom icons include the tv batmobile, even more batmobiles, speed racer's mach 5 and the beatles' yellow submarine.


  1. The Ebay thing really blows man, I'm glad you took it in stride - I hope that dude gets his from the copywrite holders. I really enjoy your NUVI icons - they accompany me around San Diego and make people I know laugh - the Tie Fighter is great for stop and go traffic....SO thanks for sharing, and thanks for the smiles... We all really appreciate your efforts!

  2. These are great. Any chance you will tackle making some garmin friendly enterprises?

  3. Awesome! Thanks a million! I'd love an old NCC-1701 original enterprise too.