Saturday, March 27, 2010

i am the tea party people

her voice is just the icing on the cake:

doocy: ... and joining us right now is former "saturday night live" star victoria jackson joining us from los angeles. good morning to you!
jackson: [waves] good morning!
doocy: so, are you ready to , ah, join the tea party people?
jackson: i am the tea party people! we're, um, beginners at this political activism and it's all new to us and it's kind of cute 'cause we're shy, we hold up our signs like this, you know, despite what they say about us, i have never done anything like this, but we have to because the president is a communist!
doocy: now, he is not a communist. but you just pointed out that you hold up signs and stuff like that and people make fun of you. what do you think about how some on the other political side have tried to diminish or, you know, or marginalize the tea party people?
jackson: well, i guess they're afraid of, uh, the power of our passion and our numbers and, you know, you might not say communist, but i watch glenn beck and he's taught me well. progressive is the new word for communist, but it's the same goal as government control of everything and it's very obvious that obama is trying to do that and, um, i don't want to brag, but i sort of called it before he was elected and when i was on o'reilly and i said he was a communist and, uh, i got a lot of hate mail, but i got some that said i was a "prescient", which means a "prophet."
doocy: yeah ... and i'm sure that was his "word of the day" one day. ah, victoria, what is going on in the country politically that you feel so, uh, motivated to go out to searchlight, nevada this weekend?
jackson: well, for one thing, i am thrilled to get to meet sarah palin, 'cause she's my hero, and, y'know, we need, um, people who are not politicians in political office, people who don't want power, people who are honest, people who don't take bribes, people who don't lie and cheat and are tax-cheats — our government is all evil right now and someone's gotta do something! and i just can't sit at home and watch tv and bite my nails, so i think that's ...
doocy: yeah ...
jackson: ... how all the other people feel. we gotta get out there and do something!
doocy: i have heard a lot of that, where people say "i've never been political but now is the time to act." all right — ah, victoria jackson, who's gonna be in searchlight, nevada along with governor sarah palin this weekend. thank you very much for joining us live.
jackson: [waves enthusiastically]
doocy: [after an awkward, silent beat, waves back]


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  1. it's very hard to listen to her voice for more than a few seconds...