Wednesday, September 30, 2009

taking back america

what oliver said:

when liberals were out of power, we had these conferences called "take back america". they were a way to network, learn activism, etc. i went to a few (and spoke at a panel on one) and the overriding message was about turning america back to its progressive path. now conservatives are out of power and rather than the kind of talk we had, they talked about the "bloody battle" they would engage in with their guns in order to "take back america".

slightly different.

though not everyone's saying we would get our hair mussed:

there is a remote, although gaining, possibility america's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “obama problem." don't dismiss it as unrealistic.

america isn't the third world. if a military coup does occur here it will be civilized. that it has never happened doesn't mean it wont....

... will the day come when patriotic general and flag officers sit down with the president, or with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a "family intervention," with some form of limited, shared responsibility?

imagine a bloodless coup to restore and defend the constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.

not too long ago, it was "no less than an act of treason" to question the president. today, for the "disloyal" opposition, treason is patriotism — which, they have conveniently forgotten, has always been "the last refuge of the scoundrel".

update: annihilation alert

it looks like john perry's "seven days in may" wet dream got the zot from his masters. just a bit too much information even for them, i suppose. via conwebwatch:

newsmax has quietly removed without explanation john l. perry's column advocating a military coup against president obama. newsmax has offered no explanation or apology.

link updated accordingly.

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