Wednesday, May 19, 2010

everybody's biatch

the problem with RNC chairman michael "i'm the de facto leader of the republican party" steele's brand of baldfaced b.s. is that it only works if his fellow republicans go along with it.

however ... when even conservative sanctuary fox news won't take you seriously ...

steele says he doesn't know who the republican 'establishment' is; cavuto responds: 'you, you, you!'
citing rand paul's victory in the GOP kentucky senate primary against establishment choice trey grayson last night, neil cavuto asked RNC chairman michael steele today about "dysfunction in the republican party" as the GOP establishment clashes with the tea party. steele denied tension, saying he told the tea party in kentucky that "if we have a situation where your guy prevails, we're backing that candidate, we're very much looking to supporting rand and if our guy prevails, we'd like the same support."
cavuto responded that tea partiers had told him that they view the GOP establishment negatively, leading steele to reply, "i'm telling you as the national chairman of the party there's no bad blood between the republican national committee and the tea parties." cavuto persisted, however, in claiming that there was tension between the "establishment" and the tea party. steele responded by saying that he didn't even know who the republican establishment is, leading cavuto to note that steele is the establishment:
cavuto: michael, the tea partiers didn't like senator bennett.
steele: that's fine.
cavuto: fairly or not, they didn't like him. the established republican party did.
steele: ok, that may be ... but wait a minute —
cavuto: i'm just saying that for you to say there is no angst between the two ...
steele: neil, don't mix. please stop.
cavuto: there clearly is.
steele: [exasperated laughter]

please do not mix the republican party establishment — i don't know who that is, by the way —

cavuto: you!

you! you! you —

steele: — with activists, i, no ...
cavuto: you! you! you! you! you!
steele: neil, have you been reading my press lately? i don't think, the last thing you could say about me is that i'm part of the establishment.
cavuto: well, that's true because everybody hates you.

but, i'm kidding ...

heh, that neil ... such a kidder ...
(hat tip to think progress)

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