Saturday, September 20, 2008

all that's missing are the droids

today's addition to the garmin nüvi gps custom vehicle icon fleet: star wars landspeeders: (click to download)

these landspeeders are available in both new and pre-owned models. (one's from a kid on tatooine who hardly used it!) so come on down — you won't find deals this crazy in any other galaxy!

NOTICE: these custom icons that i make freely available are not for resale!

nüvi star wars landspeeder

nüvi star wars landspeeder

nüvi star wars landspeeder

nüvi star wars landspeeder

previously posted custom icons include tron lightcycles, several star trek shuttlecraft, a star wars tie fighter, the 1966 tv batmobile, even more batmobiles, speed racer's mach 5 and the beatles' yellow submarine.


  1. Great work once again! Your generousity is much appreciated. It's a sad state of affairs, but those twits who try to put these on eBay deserve some form of punishment (like their hard disks suffering a catastropic crash).

  2. These are fantastic! Should you ever find yourself inspired to make a Delorean in the style of "Back to the Future", you'd make me one happy nerd.


  3. Absolutely awesome. What a great job you've done on all of your vehicles.

    Thank you.

    If I might make a suggestion/request? I was thinking how cool it would be to have the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile as a Garmin vehicle.

    Keep up the great work. :-)

  4. Hello,

    please can you explain your technic?

    I have also made many vehicle (you can download them on my site), but i want to know which tool you are using.

    Cyph /