Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the certifigate kabuki crusade

when someone hides something, they have something to hide! i believe that obama’s original birth certificate will prove that he is NOT eligible to serve as president.

one of the entertaining sub-narratives running through the certifigate™ "controversy" tells of the epic struggle undertaken by barack "the usurper" obama and his brainwashed minions to forever keep his birth records — if they indeed exist at all — away from public scrutiny, especially scrutiny from the tireless, free, god-fearing, constitution-loving natural-born™ patriots of hardcore right-wing blog free republic.

after all, inescapable logic forces all rational citizens to conclude that ...

... there's no legitimate reason for obama not to simply release the document in question and put all this to bed. no president should begin his term with any cloud of doubt surrounding his legitimacy.

i am content to see how president obama reacts when foreigners start yanking his chain knowing how sensitive the birth certificate issue is -- else why doesn't he just release the standard form of his birth certificate.

you see, our most conscientious protectors of freedom are only concerned for the integrity of the incoming administration — for obama's sake. because this entire controversy is all of his own making!

this whole debate is unnecessary. obama should be made to show proof he was born in the US.

just show us the standard little-people form of your birth certificate and end this crazy stuff, mr. obama. TIA. (fat chance)

... he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars arguing the plaintiffs have no standing. i think he should spend the $12 and get a certified copy of the original long for birth certificate and present it at a news conference. what is he hiding? i make no claim that obama was not born in hawaii, but his strategy makes no sense to me from a legal standpoint.

once again the question arises: why would someone spend $800,000 to keep from producing a $24 document?

why aren't you asking the simplest questions, like: why doesn't he just do this, with so much riding on it? why spend upwards of a million dollars fighting the release of a $10 document?

he has spent somewhere around $1mil using 3 law firms fighting against showing his long form birth certificate. the only BC he has shown was on his dailykos web site and it was proven a forgery by no less than 3 experts. his word means nothing either.

(uh-oh ... did the great orange figurehead just get outed?)

if all the states enact requirements to produce a valid BC,will all the candidates spend in excess of 1 million dollars in each state to avoid the laws?

of course, the well-informed already know full well that there's no way in hell the usurper can ever release those records:

if it is so legit, why doesn't his legal team submit the "public" certificate of live birth to courts? would submitting a forgery be grounds for disbarment?

the constitution is nothing, if it is ignored. obama can resolve this by requesting hawaii send his certified long form birth certificate to congress. he won't. he knows he wasn't constitutionally eligible and so do a lot more politicians and judges who are just going along. it is a SAD day for the republic.

he can't make it go away.... he has no original BC to make it go away.

well, since one of his close advisers is ex CIA higher up, and had a look at his passport files illegally, i'd say a well made forgery is about to be sprung upon the courts. that is likely the reason he has stonewalled for so long, getting the best forgery money can buy and getting it into the vault in hawaii. the internet forgery could not be used to stand before a court so the new forgery must be so close to perfect that it will pass scrutiny. and many of the sheeple will exhale a sigh of relief even if they suspect the forgery. you know there are nine black robed oligarchs who will be relieved if he presents a really good forgery!

the obamanoids never address the most obvious question: if obama would produce a document for factcheck and his campaign website, why is he spending so much money resisting presenting the document to a court of law? ... i answer that by stating the obvious, he's afraid that the forgery will then be open for authentication and he cannot allow that even if he spends millions to keep it from a court's hands. he's spent close to a million sending lawyers and detectives to bury every scrap of daocumentation from his adult life. there is a very deep and abiding reason for such behavior, and it isn't aimed at being ‘open and transparent'.

this flattering fiction, of obama fighting certifigate™ with tooth and nail and tons of cold hard cash, of course ignores two cavernous plot holes. first, in common with most state policies for handling vital records, hawaii state law prohibits access to certified copies of anyone's birth and death certificates — not just obama's — to those unable to demonstrate standing to see them:

[hawaii state health director dr. chiyome] fukino, however, repeated the health department's position that state law prohibits her or any other officials from actually releasing the birth certificate, which obama's campaign says shows he was born in honolulu on aug. 4, 1961.

"there have been numerous requests for sen. barack hussein obama's official birth certificate," fukino said in the statement. "state law (hawai'i revised statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record. ... no state official, including gov. linda lingle, has ever instructed that this vital record be handled in a manner different from any other vital record in the possession of the state of hawai'i."

so i think we can safely conclude that "persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record" would include — you guessed it — freepers.

effort required on obama's behalf: zero.

second, none of the court filings pending or already dismissed (numbering at least ten thus far) have legally required any response whatsoever from obama or any of his representatives. he's not even named as a defendant in most suits. accordingly, there's been no reported pushback from the obama side — that isn't an unsourced talking point from freeperville. there's not a single shred of evidence that a single case has been anything but routinely ignored, thereby incurring not the expenditure of a single cent in fees, nor a single drop of ink, nor a single second of thought, much less a single molecule of sweat, on obama's behalf.

effort required: zero.

if anyone's been working up a sweat, it's the freepers. our stalwart heroes have been swatting at empty air the whole time, in a magnificent kabuki crusade, which, to be honest, is the only kind of crusade these keyboard commandoes know how to wage.

and some of the rank-and-file have started to notice:

i've tried to get this information on how much was spent on any of these cases and i can't find anyone who can document this. i've heard assertions, but they were always absent any documentation or even any rationale. i would like to see that documentation that outlines who spent what and where ...

well, the research indicates that people are guessing. that's all that is going on with those figures. once someone gets some documentation (which they haven't, and which is why it doesn't exist), then we'll be able to tell. at this point in time, we've got nothing but people speculating.
another interesting thing that i saw, was that one poster was embellishing on another poster's figures. if it was one hundred thousand for a few days or a week, then it started to be two hundred thousand. then someone else would post three hundred thousand, and on it would go. finally it cleared one million dollars ... LOL...
it was sort of like telling the story in another person's ear and they would pass it on. the last person had a story that in no way resembled the original story that started it all. that's what i've seen of those figures and that "one million dollars"... :-)

... but hearing such arguments mouthed by purported fellow freepers only further demonstrates the frightening reach and magnitude of the usurper's desperate, all-encompassing machinations!

... what does this little platoon of deceivers say about the obama that he needs deceivers workign the internet to deflect people from the truth about his deciets?

i am starting to think you are a TEAM of obama lovers and/or constitutional haters who roam this site looking for BC threads.

... this is our ball and we are going to finish this game. no one picked you for the team. go home.

you are useless as a FReeper and an american.

waver not, faithful freepi, for we have the usurper on the run! how the bards shall sing of our victories!

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